William Penn Adds New Sailor Limited-Edition Pens In Its Stores!

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William Penn stores are a paradise for every fountain pen lover. The company stocks fountain pens from leading brands of not only India but also around the world. William Penn has put a stop to every FP fanatic’s search for a Sailor or a Mont Blanc by filling the shelves of their stores, not only with the best that the brands have to offer, but also the latest. Earlier, the company focused solely on its physical sales, but as time changed and technology evolved, it built a strong online presence to suit the increasing needs of people. Needless to say, we ink and pen fanatics are loving it!

Today, it goes without saying the brand is one of the finest in India to get writing instruments and accessories. Its excellent relationship with some of the iconic foreign brands has fulfilled the dreams of many Indian FP lovers. Besides bestowing the country with fine-writing instruments, the brand has also taken the form of a gifting destination to make special moments extraordinary for individuals. Its motto is to facilitate the course of gifting – like they say, “gift people something that they like, and in the process, throw in some more love, joy, and pride”.

William Penn

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the William Penn colossus: serving the fountain pen community with the most vibrant products. Through all these years, they have fashioned a diverse catalogue of fountain pens, inks, and related accessories. To celebrate 20 years of existence, the brand came up with a ‘Words That Matter’ project. A quite simple yet impactful initiative, it motivates people to share words that hold importance to them. An initiative, that has been lauded by one and all from the community.

William Penn recently announced the addition of two new limited-edition series from Sailor – The ‘Autumn Sky’ Collection and the ‘Blue Dawn’ Collection. Pens from both the series are available in its stores and on the official website.

William Penn

The ‘Autumn Sky’ Collection, inspired by the ‘The Pillow Book’, features a dense red cap and barrel along with gold-plated rings. The Sailor Anchor logo is present on the flat-top cap, incorporated in the finial. The pen, like it is customary, sports the legendary 21k gold nib by Sailor. The pen comes with a converter as well as Sailor ink cartridges to suit diverse needs.

‘The Pillow Book’, by Sei Shonagon (employed to assist Empress Teishi), is a collection of essays, in which she expresses her innate thoughts about the everyday incidents going on in the court. Since she was a mere lady attendant to the Empress, she did not get to speak her mind freely in front of everyone. The book has descriptions of intimate conversations, religious ceremonies, royal affairs, nature, and so on. The collection has taken inspiration from the colour of the sky as described in the book to create this unique addition to the Sailor repertoire.

The ‘Blue Dawn’ Collection commemorates the illustrious 21k gold nibs of Sailor with an engraving of the number ‘21’ in a stylish manner. The pens from this series feature a ‘Meta Shine’ made by blending tiny particles to create a subtle sparkle. The collection comprises a limited 500 King of Pen and 1500 ProGear pieces. Every pen carries its own individual serial number at the barrel’s end with a Sailor Anchor logo on the flat-top cap.

With the presence of pens from some of the world’s most-renowned fountain pen makers, William Penn has created an incredible platform for Indian pen collectors. They get easy and quick access to limited-edition pens to make their collection more diverse and assorted. And, when these pens, like Sailor, are coupled with interesting stories of their origin, their splendor multiples extensively.

Have a look at the newly launched pens on the William Penn Website:



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