Constellations88 wishes Happy and Prosperous Diwali with the Vedisha trio gift box!

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Constellations88 presents the Vedisha Trio for a happy and prosperous Diwali!

Don’t we just hate it when we are forced to venture out from our cosy comfort zones? It’s a big, bad, ugly world out there, after all! Precisely the time when we also feel the terrible need for some kind of a divine safety shield – something to ward of all evil? Now, with the Gods in the heavens, their idols in the temples and the picture of the ruling deity that Mom had given, dog eared in the wallet – who, or what do we turn to for solace?

Constellations88 – has the answer. The most divinely blessed, appropriate answer for the collective woes, for that matter. But before that, a few words about Constellations88.

The last two decades have been witness to India turning some superb fountain pens. Examples of these top of the line craftsmanship, that generally come fitted with internationally acclaimed nib units and filling systems; with matching material for the barrel, cap and trimmings, have naturally attracted the attention of discerning collectors worldwide, creating in its wake a distinct niche for itself. Constellations88 is a proud bearer of this Made in India standard. It makes fountain pens which can pass muster with connoisseurs around the world. Period.

Now back to the Gods. Wouldn’t it be great if one could carry a piece of divine blessing in the pocket? Seems like our collective prayers have been answered by Constellations88, in the form of the Trio from their Vedisha series to be precise, which comprise of limited edition Ganesha, Mahalakshmi and Saraswati fountain pens. As a matter of fact, there cannot be a better Diwali gift – to the self and one’s chosen ones. Who doesn’t want to be blessed enough to carry one on one’s self, leave alone write with one heart within and God in the pen ? Besides, tastefully packed in a handcrafted wooden box, the Constellations88 Vedisha Trio are as auspicious as a gift as they are a treat to behold.

Even if one were to ignore the obvious divinity that surrounds them, the fountain pens would still stand out on their own by virtue of the craftsmanship alone.  Perhaps justifiably so, considering that they take about 6-8 weeks to completed from start to the end.

Each individual piece undergoes a proprietary coating overnight before they are actually painted on. This is followed by a base coat, upon the drying of which the painting work starts. All the pens are hand painted, coat after painfully executed coat and there needs to be time allotted for the pens to dry between each layer of painting. Once the entire painting is done, they are kept in the drying chamber to remove any moisture left in the paint. Thoroughly dried, the pens are given a Crystal lacquer coating, after which they undergo the sanding treatment to even out the later. The painted pieces are then re-coated about 4 times to arrive at the final product with the sheen that is just perfect, like everything else about the pens.

It may sound alien to the non-believers, but the sanctity of the entire process is maintained, based on auspicious time and dates, and it is only the devout and the strict believers who are allowed to craft these pieces, to truly reflect the reverence of the maker as much as that of the bearer. Payment for the craftsmanship that go into the pens are made without bargain to ensure that the inviolability of these handcrafted masterpieces are not sullied.

The same holds true for the purity of the inputs. They are primarily made of Italian edelharz resin, which is extremely amenable to be painted on. This ensures that the writing instrument can be used regularly and not restricted only to being objects of worship. The pens are light weight and come fitted with German #6 Bock nib which makes them great writers to boot.

Knowledge, Good Luck and Prosperity – can a Diwali Gift Box contain anything more?

Pen Detail Specifications

Length: 13 cms

Weight: 31 gms

Quantity: 88 fountain pens each

Pen Nib: German engineered 18k Gold nib (M) from Bock (no 6.)

(Gold plated steel nib (M) option also available)

MRSP: USD 1099 for the set (with Gold plated steel nib)

USD 1599 for the set (18k gold nib)

Box Specifications

Material: Hand crafted wooden box with lacquer finishing

1 hand painted Ganesha fountain pen

1 hand painted Mahalakshmi fountain pen

1 hand painted Saraswati fountain pen

3 Converters

1 Twin pen pouch

1 Warranty Card

1 10gms Silver Coin

For More information:

Nisha Singhi (+91 9820766530)


2 Replies to “Constellations88 wishes Happy and Prosperous Diwali with the Vedisha trio gift box!”

  1. These pens are expensive. But one thing came to my mind, Do these pens are made only for collections?writing the primary objective for pens, is nowhere believable..


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