Lotus Student, your daily carry with a beauty make up!

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Lotus Student: beauty, brains and brawn, what else can you want?

“Little, are the demands of a fountain pen lover”, Yusuf Mansoor, India’s celebrated fountain pen collector, restorer and historian had once told me, “an ebointe pen, with an elegant look, robust feel, a sturdy nib and a hassle-free filling system at a reasonable price point that is a good writer. Make that fountain pen in India and you will kill two birds with a stone. For one, you will induce many from the younger generations to pick up the pen to write with and secondly, perhaps more importantly, help shatter the elitist tag that fountain pen collectors are labelled with.”

Students get ready!
Students of the world, unite!

Arun Singhi of Lotus Pens seems to have addressed all the issues with his latest offering – the Lotus Student. It is a beautiful pen – jet black, made of ebonite that is surprisingly pristine, compromising neither on the look or the feel of the material in the hand – a visual and tactile delight! As is now more or less standard with India turned premium pens, it comes fitted with a Jowo nib (Medium and Broad options), its dual tone looks, enhancing the beauty of the pen just that much. In its belly, the Lotus Student has an international standard Schmidt K5 converter, which too, has become the norm. The Lotus Student Pocket Pen in a 3-in-1: it can take converters, cartridges or can be used as an eyedropper!

 Arun Singhi and Lotus pens have long become synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. Any pen offered by the House of Lotus, is not only functionally of very high-quality standard, but is also exceptionally well-crafted. The Lotus Student is no exception. In fact, there is little to find fault with the pen – it comes at a very pleasing weight; is a pleasure to grip and write with, and admirably performs all the functions that fountain pens are normally put through, emerging as a clear winner on the other side of the grind. What is more, the ink flows in a beautifully wet line and mine started writing the moment the Lotus Student was filled up. It was, literally a love-at-first-scratch pen! 

eye candy from Lotus
eye candy!

The Lotus logo on the matching clip adds to the overall aesthetics of the pen and the straight lines that are a tribute to the “form follows function” philosophy add just that hint of elegance to the Lotus Student. The handmade cloth pouch that the pen is housed in, too, is a very thoughtful touch, not only acting as a protective cover but also as head-turner.

Yusuf Mansoor is naturally elated “at the price point (INR 2000 to be precise) at which the Lotus Student is being offered, considering its quality and appeal, I personally expect it to be a clear winner. However, the point that I want to underline is that the victory of the Lotus Student will not be only its own alone – for every time the Lotus Student triumphs, we, fountain pen lovers will win. The art of Pen Turning will win. India will win. I am saying this, as I expect that it will create a market for itself, attracting new comers into the fold. As a matter of fact, if the logistics are taken good care of, I see no reason why the Lotus Student will not do well in the overseas markets as well.”

Lotus Student the daily carry to beat all daily carries
Lotus Student: the daily carry to beat all daily carries

What Yusuf Mansoor is trying to say is that when the supply is backed by good pricing, attractive looks and robust quality, it is bound to create its own demand, leading ultimately to an expansion in the market. The Lotus Student is also a pen that will hopefully shatter the myth that Indian specialised pen turners make pens only for the consumption of the collectors, often deliberately pricing their products out of the reach of the common pen-lover on the street.

Arun Singhi, the man behind the Lotus Student is at his self-effacing best when queried about the reasons behind the making of the pen, “I have just tried to address all the issues that the users of Lotus pens and fountain pen aficionados have brought to my notice. Many have, over long periods of time, pointed about the gap in the market that did not have a quality writing instrument, comparable to the best in the world at the price point in which the Lotus Student is being offered. I am happy that we have been able to address this glaring issue and that the Lotus Student has been accepted by the fountain pen fraternity with the kind of enthusiasm that it has generated!”

Lotus Student: the black beauty
Lotus Student: the black beauty

Arun Singhi is being humble. The “enthusiasm” that he is refereeing to is more like an avalanche and the initial demand is so high that Lotus has already met the target and has been forced to place re-orders to meet the deluge.

another winner from the House of Lotus
another winner from the House of Lotus

And they said that fountain pens are a thing of the past. The said writing with a fountain pen is so last century. They said quality Indian fountain pens are an oxymoron. They said … Why bother with what people said? If you still haven’t got your Lotus Student, get it!  

For More information contact: https://www.lotuspens.com/         


4 Replies to “Lotus Student, your daily carry with a beauty make up!”

  1. At last the voice of the India’s celebrated Fountain pen collector Yusuf Mansoor was heard by the
    large hearted Mr.Arun Singhi, who is well known to deliver the best quality fountain pens in India. This will certainly encourage more youngsters to pursue the writing habit and enjoy the sheer pleasure! Kudos to Chawm who never misses the opportunity to showcase such good things about fountain pens to be inked with happiness!

  2. Just ordered one based on this little review. How does it compare to a Lamy Safari in the aspects of design and writing?


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