Metamorphosis – Kafka’s Fountain pen

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Imagine an army of scribes going to war.

Steady, Consistent, Unwavering… Marching in unison.

All wearing the same army fatigues. Carrying the same weapons.

Armed with imported, functional nibs.




But uniformity suppresses creativity, compelling one to conform.


You had once unfurled the banner of protest.

You had picked up the fountain pen, because you wanted to stand out, to be “different.”


You wanted to go “analogue,” as a remonstration, against what you thought was the digital damnation of lives.

You wanted to reestablish the “connect” with your inner creativity.


You wanted to celebrate the subtleties of line variations,

You wanted to revel in the pleasure of the written word and rejoice in the sight of your handwriting.

You wanted to slow down as you thought you were the Lord and master of your life.





You and your hobby have come a long way since: from being a scribe to a vandal.

You have joined the “horde” that you once despised.

So go ahead and pay obeisance to the temple of the Jowo nib.

And, to the oversized cigar-shaped monstrosity.

And, to those acrylic toys in shocking neon colours.

And, pay a ransom to the children of Mammon who are subverting the beautiful hobby that once was.

Fountain pen



What’s next?

Uniform, Army issue, standardized, cartridge-converter toys – Fountain pens, that will all feel, behave, and perform the same?

Welcome to a new world order.

Welcome your fountain pen’s metamorphosis into an APP.

The more things change the more they remain a pain.

check the video here: