Prof. K C Janardhan files his nomination as an independent candidate from the Bangaluru (South) Constituency

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The Maestro, Prof. K C Janardhan has filed his nomination as an independent candidate from the Bangaluru (South) Constituency. Prof Janardhan has been awarded the electoral symbol of a nib with seven rays. Welcoming the decision, he said “It is providential. I have been teaching about the seven elements of handwriting for ages and I could not have asked for a better symbol to communicate my core message to the electorate. It reiterates that most of history was handwritten and going forward, reposing their faith in me would lead to a bright future for the Bengaluru (South) Constituency. A new page is awaiting to be written with the nib and 7 rays signifying the rainbow of colorful life; 7 notes of music pointing at the much-needed harmony between civic agencies to run our life smoothly; and 7 days a week for a rhythm of infrastructure to orchestrate our quality of life seamlessly.”


A statesman among politicians, Prof Janardhan has thrown his hat in the ring not only as a concerned citizen seeking to walk the talk about good governance but also as a globally renowned expert in handwriting, lettering, and calligraphy. “I want to be the voice representing the world of pen, ink, and stationery – both manufacturers and users. This community has never found representation and their story needs to be told, their contribution to nation-building by fostering education must be acknowledged.” He has a point – the art of fountain pen making, which was once synonymous with southern India is now almost extinct and the woes of the industry desperately need a voice.


Prof. K C Janardhan files his nomination
Prof. K C Janardhan

Prof Janardhan is one of the last Mohicans, ever willing to pick up all the gauntlets that life throws toward him. In fact, he is a polymath with achievements any one of which could make anyone proud. He has enviable achievements in difficult fields against all odds:  as an Autodidact fighting the system, be it in Handwriting Lettering and Calligraphy, or setting syllabi, to innovative teaching of over 10 subjects of Management to the MBAs, or Training the Corporate on Soft skills, Cross Cultural Understanding, to introducing Solid Waste Management to the City of Bengaluru in the early 1990s, to Traffic Management ideas…to working for his heritage locality improvement against life threats and politicians driven by apathy for the man on the street.


Prof Janardhan is revered as a teacher, who is celebrated for teaching the British and the rest of the world how to write beautifully, encouraging the pen, ink, and paper industry to support the cause of keeping the writing habit alive.


It will not be out of place to mention here that Prof Janardhan was born with epilepsy, was cured completely, and his life is an example of the triumph of the will against a debilitating medical condition. His fight for the enhancement of the social quality of life of persons with Epilepsy and their caretakers is something that myriad patients look up to as they follow the path shown by him in their search for excellence.

Prof. K C Janardhan files his nomination
Prof. K C Janardhan files his nomination


Prof Janardhan’s selfless work for promoting and strengthening business and cultural relations between Karnataka and British as well as European Countries is also well; documented, acknowledged, and saluted.


He has done it all. And now seeks your blessings to take it to the next level.


April 26th, 2024 is the date for the people of South Bangalore Parliamentary Constituency to rewrite history by electing the achiever Prof K C Janardhan who has already created history in writing.


It is our request to all of you in the fountain pen, and ink community – this is the first time that someone is seeking our help so that our voice can be raised in the places where it matters. Even if you are not a voter of the Bengaluru South constituency, please help by spreading the word. Please inform your family, friends, and acquaintances in South Bangalore, including those who choose postal ballot, NRIs, and others who have a valid franchise in the Constituency to extend their support and bless Prof Janardhan in his journey.


Let us prove, once again that the pen is indeed mightier than everything else.

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