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Gujarati Calligraphers Community writing the woes away

Gujarati Calligraphers Community uses the art to bring solace to a pandemic devastated population. The virus, representing all that is dark is back, determined to unleash devastation of an unprecedented scale, that too with renewed vigour and mutated to boot. As mankind grapples with its fate, death and despair staring


Maestro and his High Watermarks await to be surpassed. 

Maestro’s Indelible Ink Marks!  Calling a Sitar virtuoso, a “maestro” we can understand. A cricketer, perhaps more so. But a professional calligrapher? Can someone, who has spent most of his adult life single-mindedly pursuing the art of writing with his hand and in the process has undoubtedly become one of


#SaySomethingSpecial: celebrate #WorldCalligraphyDay

#SaySomethingSpecial initiative by Manuscript Pens to mark the World Calligraphy Day Manuscript Pens has a legacy that dates all the way back to 1856, when in an earlier avatar it was renowned worldwide as the go-to company for nibs of all shapes and sizes. Those were the days – Birmingham