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Sudhir Kalyanikar wins the 2nd Inked Happiness Lifetime Achievement Award

Sudhir Kalyanikar honoured for his peerless contribution to the fraternity of Fountain Pen Lovers, for steering the FPAI to its leadership status! Two years. Today Inked Happiness is all of two. Thank You. It has been a tumultuous two years. It has been an arduous, but thoroughly enjoyable journey. It

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Corona-contingency: Stay at home, observe social-distancing, and do not put unnecessary pressure on the medical system – Sudhir Kalyanikar

Dear Friends, Please note that these are my personal beliefs about the corona-virus. I’ve been thinking of putting this out for some time and here’s what I personally think. I think the virus has already gone out of control and it will be very difficult to control it, by any

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Fountain Pen Groups – have they lost their purpose of bringing FP lovers together? (Part 1)

Fountain Pen Groups – what ails them? What medicine do you prescribe? The caveat up front. I am only trying to raise an issue that afflicts all of us. There is no intention of pointing fingers at any one Fountain Pen Group or person in particular, leave alone a desire