TIPS III concludes with a boom

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Dr. Bibek Debroy, the economic advisor to the Prime Minister, inaugurated the 3rd chapter of The India Pen Show (TIPS III) in Mumbai as he chaired the Inaugural Session. Present on the dais were Kabir Bedi and Dipti Naval among a host of achievers from fields as diverse as pediatric surgery and taxation, who contributed to taking the discussion to an altogether different level. Dr. Debroy, an avid user and collector of fountain pens set the tone for the show, India’s most celebrated, which after a Covid-induced hiatus was back in full form. Vishal and Nisha Singhi, the first couple of India’s Fountain pen community did the honors of welcoming and introducing the guests to the packed auditorium in the Nehru Centre, Worli.

More than 30 exhibitors, representing the entire spectrum of the fountain pen trade – both local producers and importers of global brands were there in the three-day fiesta, with the highlight being the participation of Ahnitol from Japan whose crab pen holders are a rage among the discerning. Both Mango Stationery, the title sponsor of the event, and LivTek India, the Associate Sponsor, were present in full force. Pinnacle Ventures was also one of the key binders that glued the event together, while it must be acknowledged that it was Deepak Mejari, a fountain pen collector, whose unstinted support made the organisers surmount the near impossible odds with elan.

The highlight of TIPS III were two exhibitions that were held concurrently, one by researcher-scholar Dr Manohar Desai titled “Bharatiya Lekhan Samagri” which charted the journey of Indian Writing Tools and the other by architect-artist- collector of Ink, pen and nibs Eranna Yekbote on vintage ink bottles. While Dr Desai delved deep into India’s past and narrated the tale through the instruments, Eranna Yekbote, who is acknowledged as one of the most revered collectors in his class globally, displayed a part of his collection to an incredulous audience, such was the depth of his spread.


Several creative artists – from practicing lettering, handwriting, and calligraphy exponents to champions of the art of crafting dip pen holders were present, sharing their art and expertise with the crowds that thronged their respective sessions. The Fountain Pen Association of India (FPAI) was also present with experts like Sudhir Kalyanikar, Tarun Durga, and Pradeep Dubbula. India’s rockstar pen-turner, Manoj Deshmukh, and premier fountain pen blogger Vaibhav Mehandiratta were also there illuminating the FPAI corner with their presence. The showstopper however was Amruta Ponkshe who conducted several workshops on poetry writing, holding her audience spellbound in every one of them. Polymath pen designer Prof Y Pitkar also held a number of interactive presentations on the topic of his choice – the art and craft of fountain pen designing – which naturally witnessed spirited participation and involvement from the audience. As a matter of fact, the participation from the younger sections of the visitors and the interest with which they gorged on the topics being broached, had to be seen to be believed. The sheer number of events that were held and the variety of attractions that were offered to the crowd needs to be acknowledged, especially when one considers the logistics that were involved to create harmony – unity in diversity, if you may. This part of the event was managed by Lavanya Rastogi of Happy Hiccups.

Many of the exhibitors had brought with them their latest offerings which were launched in TIPS III. Click, for example, unveiled the Yen, their top-line offering in polished acrylic with a Jowo nib unit which was a sell-out. Lotus too showcased signature creations that were exclusively turned for the show. Nisha Singhi of Vazir pens presented her line of eye candies that were an instant hit, especially with the young, while old and established players like V’Sign and Magna Carta dazzled the audience with their spread. Vivek Kulkarni, India’s one and only Urushi master, the spirit behind Urushi Studio had spread out many new and exclusive designs which were naturally the rage, with connoisseurs ogling at them with wonder in their eyes.  Vintage and antique dealers like Jitendra Jain and Rahul Gupta had crowds of discerning buyers thronging at their counters while the oldest entity to be continuously in business, Bharati Stores represented by Sayak Adhya did brisk business. Likhit, which is just breaking into the big league was also there with its line that was very well received by the community.

“With every passing show, we try to make TIPS not only bigger, but better as well,” said Vishal Singhi adding, “the fountain pen community has not disappointed us and I would like to use your platform to individually thank each one of the sponsors, the exhibitors, the performing artists, our associate organisers and the pen lovers who have all made it possible. Stay tuned, for TIPS has exciting announcements to be made.”

List of exhibitors:

Online Mantra; Mahavir Stationery; Paper and Pen; Vazir; Pinnacle Ventures; Arham Enterprise; Staedtler; Tejura Overseas; Excellent Stationers; Makoba; The Ink and Pen; Urushi Studio; Vintage World ; Bharti Stores; Faces and Places; Lotus; Likhit; Magna Carta; Pen Specials (Kaweco); Stex; Shukla and Co; Click; Ahnitol; Epitome; Numic; Jitendra Jain; V’sign; and Libra fountain pens.


For More Information:

You can watch the video here: Prof. Y Pitkar presents The India Pen Show – TIPS III – YouTube


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