The 1st India Pen Show – where the tines will meet. February 2nd & 3rd 2019, Mumbai.

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The India Pen Show – you have seen the sword, now come, witness the might of the pen!

In his early youth he left home and the ancestral riches to work for the people who were less fortunate. In his youth he attained the heights of fame with his lyrical words and profound thoughts, writing with ink dipped in sensitivity of the rarest luminosity. In maturity, he shunned the trappings of fame and fortune, leaving behind worldly possessions that comprised a passel of Montblanc fountain pens…Kaifi Azmi.

Indeed, there can be no one who is more qualified to be honoured with the launch of a special edition fountain pen to commemorate the 100th year of his birth at the 1st India Pen Show to be held in Mumbai on the 2nd and 3rd of February this year. Only a hundred pieces of the pen will be made, twenty of which will be given to super achievers, among others, Javed Akhtar, Baba Azmi, Gulzaar, Zakir Hussain, Shankar Mahadevan, Mahesh Bhatt, Naresh Goel, Pritish Nandi, Amair Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.

The India Pen Show also promises many more such attractions. It will be spread over an area of 8000 square feet of Exhibition area, where the virtual who’s who from the world of India Fountain Pens will be present to showcase their creations. As a matter of fact, 46 table spaces have already been sold out ensuring a full house. While the organisers are tight-lipped, there is reason to believe that the show will also be marked by the launch of a number of limited-edition fountain pens and inks to commemorate the momentous event by some of India’s most revered names from the world of pens.

Yusuf Mansoor – the grand daddy of Indian Fountain Pen lovers and self-appointed ambassador of all fountain pens made in India  – collector, restorer, pen-historian and aficionado, is personally expected to give a guided tour of the show, wherein he will explain the history and development of the art of fountain pen turning, the way its development has influenced civilisation as we know it, with special emphasis on pen-turning in India.

“I personally feel that the India Pen Show is the best thing that could have happened to Indian pen lovers and manufacturers in a very long time” said Yusuf Mansoor. “We make some extremely good quality pens right here in India – pens that are capable of holding their own globally and I hope that the Indian Pen Show will provide the right platform for Indian pen turners to showcase and highlight their talents. I am extremely excited about the show and would like to put on record my sincere gratitude to the organisers who have not only thought about it but have worked so hard to make it a possibility”.    

K C Janardan, India’s most celebrated calligrapher – the man who is building for posterity the only one of its kind museum of calligraphy in the world, will also be there to grace the occasion. As sideshows to the event, calligraphy workshops will be organised round the clock, where, apart from learning the finer nuances of the art, visitors can also have the pleasure of using a variety of writing instruments with their own hands. Booths will also be set up where calligraphers will customise letters for the discerning backed by arrangements of having them posted to chosen ones from the venue itself.

Vaibhav Mehandiratta, a fountain pen aficionado per excellence and super moderator of threads relating to Indian fountain pens, apart from being a blogger with near rock-star status is also excited about the show “it is long overdue that the Indian pen industry begin to assert itself. I am sure that the India Pen Show will mark the beginning of this transformation and going forward, Indian pens will command the kind of respect that they deserve”.

The 1st India Pen Show is already a hit if the participation of global brands is any indicator.

William Penn which straddles the pen and stationery space, with its 30 plus brick and mortar stores and overwhelming web presence has lent its considerable clout to the show as the presenting partner. The Indian arm of Kaweco pen company – established in 1883 in Germany and one of the biggest names in the world ever since, has not only confirmed participation but has also joined the organisers as a co-sponsor to the event. Krishna Pens, Vasani’s pen gallery, Constellations 88, Magna Carta, Click,, Venus traders, Livtek India and Arham (importers of TWSBI pens) have all joined the bandwagon. Robert Oster, Monteverde and Krishna Inks – each an acknowledged name in its own right – have joined the organisers to showcase their inks, whose more than seventy hues will match all the colours of the rainbow many times more. Visitors will be encouraged to sample their products, fill up the barrels and shoot. is the media partner of the event, while OYO rooms is the designated travel partner.

The Show is Conceptualised, designed, organised and hosted by Constellations88 and Magna Carta.

Arun Singhi, the spirit behind Lotus Pens one of the key exhibitors, is also excited, “I am looking forward to meeting pen lovers, collectors, users, my customers and industry experts under one roof. I am sure the experience will be one I will cherish”.

Shikhar from Lotus pens

Aditya Bhansali, the man behind up and coming portal dedicated to all things writing is equally optimistic about the show “it will accord an excellent opportunity to meet buyers and sellers of pens physically, which is something that we rue being restricted within the confines of the digital world. Thanks, and kudos to the organisers for creating this unique opportunity”.

Vishal Singhi, the man who has perhaps put the most effort to make the 1st India Pen Show a reality – being the driving force since inception and working far away from the glare of the arch-lights is typically humble, “it is time India has her own Fountain Pen show where fountain pen connoisseurs from both sides of the table can meet each other and celebrate their common passion. I am glad that the India Pen Show is taking a shape that is already way bigger than what we had dared to dream in the onset and am hopeful that it will only grow with the passage of time. Hope to see you there”.

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