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Steampunk is retro-futuristic and anachronistic tech-based aesthetics, drawing deeply on steam-powered elements of the 19th century – of the Victorian era, of the Wild West – which had begun as a subgenre of science fiction. Though the term Steampunk was coined by science fiction author K W Jeter as late as 1987, there remains a body of work in the genre, now considered seminal, from the ‘60s and the ‘70s. As a matter of fact, from popular art, architecture, fashion, and music to manga and anime, Steampunk has fired the popular imagination in ways few other movements have. Why there was even a Steampunk Manifesto?

Naturally, that Steampunk will power its way into the quaint world of the fountain pen, was but obvious. It is also a fact that artsy pieces were found scattered in the furthest corners of the web, and the Montblanc skeletons had already created their own unique band of cult followers, though many puritans tend to pass them off as a reinterpretation of the yesteryear’s filigree art. And this is what has irked me for a long time now: why does not anybody in India start tinkering with, and create our own line of steampunk fountain pens?


That was till I came across the Delhi-based boutique brand Delmoon Pen. The Delmoon Pendial Black Oversize Fountain Pen to be precise. My first reaction? A blow in the solar plexus that knocked the daylight out of me. The way steampunk elements have been subtly incorporated in this work of art, that too without jarring the overall aesthetic of the pen is simply put, superb.

But first, more about the pen. It is a premium resin-bodied fountain pen with real watch parts embedded in the barrel. A fully hand-crafted creation, this cartridge-converter beauty sports a matching Jowo no 6 nib. While the cap end of the pen resembles a typical cigar-shaped instrument, the middle portion of the barrel is bulbous, akin to the tummy of a prosperous Victorian gentleman, which one thought accorded a nice break to the monologue of predictability while merging beautifully with the pen’s steampunk antecedents. (While the barrel diameter is 16.64 mm, at its widest, it is a hefty 19.72 mm! The full body length of the pen is 154.18 mm; the cap length is 72.83 mm; the cap diameter is 21.05 mm; the Section length is 20.63; and the section grip diameter is 13.72 mm.) The only hitch that I have with the pen that I possess is that the barrel hole is just a shade too tight, which impedes the touchless entry of the converter, which brushes against the inner walls behind the threads, though it does not impede the performance in any manner whatsoever. But perhaps it is a one-off anomaly particular to the pen that I have. (I have already informed the makers about this quirk, and they assure me that the matter will be looked into with the seriousness it deserves.)


Delmoon Pen incidentally is no new entrant who is seeking to take the breath away with the introduction of this steampunk delight. As a matter of fact, aficionados are well aware of the people behind the brand, which happens to be none other than the Delhi-based seller of marque writing instruments, Penspoint. Yes, Delmoon is the venture that will progressively seek to act as the entry vehicle for Penspoint transforming it into a branded manufacturer of high-end, precision writing instruments. According to the ever-affable Ravi Tiwari, the man behind the brand, “we already have a selection of fine writing instruments that we have had master artisans craft for us exclusively. Our experience in handling top-end pens, both vintage and off-the-shelf has provided us with a rare insight into the minds of the connoisseurs which gives us a certain advantage while the fact that the pens are made in India makes them even more desirable. All the inputs that go into the making of Delmoon classics are handpicked, and the craftsmanship is impeccable: the quality is international, while the pricing has been strictly kept to meet Indian standards.”  Now that is a winning combination if one were to ask me.

As a matter of fact, this Steampunk beauty is not a standalone offering from Delmoon. Their Urushi lacquered offering too is stuff that gets jaws to hang agape when the craftsmanship of the pen is compared to the price at which it is offered. Smiles Ravi Tiwari, gloating over the achievement, “all the raw materials are imported directly from Japan and the feedback that we have got for this line of pens from our associates in Japan is highly encouraging. It will not be out of place to mention here that we follow the exact, exacting procedures followed by Urushi masters in Japan, giving each piece the same time and effort that is accorded by the masters for the pens to mature and attain the kind of perfection that they deserve.”


Delmoon’s Egg shell and the Sterling Silver leaf embossed lines too are as unique as they are exclusive. It will not be surprising if these pens too, fire the imagination of pen lovers in India. The resin and natural eggshell piece of art is a pen good enough to attract the eye of the discerning, while the way silver has been tastefully incorporated into the resin in the silver embossed line is a joy to behold.

Fantasy, alternate history, speculative fiction – steampunk represents a time that is as much in the past as it is in the future. The very fact that an Indian entity has dared to broach the topic, that too on a writing instrument gives me an immense amount of pleasure.

There is hope yet!

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