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Where do connoisseurs go to buy their fountain pens and inks and accessories? The question becomes even more important if you are new to the hobby, are discerning enough to be brand conscious, and at the same time do not wish to splurge by paying inordinately hefty sums for your purchases. In short, where should you be headed if you are looking for an entity that will spoil you for choice, bill you right, dispatch your purchases on time and, God forbid if anything goes wrong, will not disown you.

In the heady days of yore, the friendly neighborhood stationery shopkeeper addressed all these needs with a smile. One could just drop in when one had some time to spare and “test” the pens and inks that were on offer, and more often than not, the shopkeeper used to be visibly pleased to meet you, filling you with the details about the pens that you were handling. Today, when such shops are a rarity, and especially when the old timers recall them fondly, we wish that those old knaves, the raconteurs would be back, but alas!


While the inability to actually write with a pen before locking the purchase decision continues to be a major irritant, most pen buyers nowadays prefer e-commerce sites to actual brick-and-mortar stores, especially in the swank malls. Here the salespersons uniformly lack domain knowledge about pens and inks, seeking to steer customers towards the high end of whatever they have on offer, when not squeezing out the last bit of one’s wish to buy a pen or ink with their apathy and sheer disinterest. Yes, what I am alluding to is harsh. Yes, there are notable exceptions, but then again.

So, the question essentially boils down to which is the e-commerce site to visit, and why? Well, before I answer this, here is a rider: choices are subjective, and you may not like what I do, which is why, we must agree to disagree before we proceed.


My favorite hunting ground is the Kolkata-based Allow me to share the reasons why, after a long and arduous journey covering both brink-and-mortar and e-commerce stores, I have settled with them.

For one, the person behind PenSpecials is a highly regarded name in the world of fountain pens. He is not only known by the owners of overseas brands the very mention of whose names get us to salivate but is also a close friend to most. Since we are talking about pens that are, shall we say, expensive, by Indian standards, it makes sense to acquire them from an entity whose reputation is impeccable.


The second reason why I go to them is simply because of Kaweco pens. I have been a Kaweco fanatic for a long time now, and can never have too many of them. It will not be out of place to mention here that PenSpecials occupies a revered space in the Kaweco family and their spread on the site is simply too numerous for die-hard fans like me to resist. Besides, because of the very cordial relations between the two entities, acquiring pieces that have sold out too is a breeze, as is the case with clips and nib options, and inks which are imported directly and even to meet specific, one-off orders. PenSpecials has a similar relationship with the owners of the marque brand Visconti, which also speaks volumes about the entity. Mind you, this is not the usual relationship that a dealer or a reseller has with a brand, this goes much deeper and is made up of stuff that is difficult to comprehend in terms of mere numbers of units bought or sold. Point is, PenSpecials enjoys similar bonds of fraternity with many global brands.

Sounds like news? Then hear me out. PenSpecials is extremely shy about beating its own trumpet and has been consciously avoiding the arch-lights, choosing to dig in and concentrate on its business, instead of creating marketing hype. PenSpecials does not believe in hard-sell; it does not have to. The growth figures, as it is, are tell-tale.


The third reason that I swear by PenSpecials can again be attributed to the people behind the business. Being connoisseurs themselves, the brands that PenSpecials stock is each a name to reckon with, each featuring high on any pen lover’s wish list. That these brands have been carefully sought out from the farthest corners of the world and are made available off the shelf, thereby helping one to bypass the hassles of importing directly, is another huge plus. In fact, it is only a sworn pen lover who could have thought of offering such a gift to the community.

Finally, the reason why I find PenSpecials to be special is because of the way they treat every order, however big or small. The dictum “consumer is the king,” is something that the entity believes in, and instead of merely paying lip-service, has built it into its ethos.


And yes, they are from Kolkata. Just a hop-skip and jump from where I stay though I must confess I meet them more often in the different pen shows where they are a permanent feature. That is when I am not talking to them through mail even as we have another order being processed.

Don’t take my word for it, visit their site. There are goodies like Kaweco and Visconti, Retro 51, Opus 88, TWSBI, Pineider, Pilot, Nahvalur, Kunisawa, Moleskin, and 3 Oysters to name just a few. All waiting to whet your appetite, for more!

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