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Venvstas – the “today and tomorrow” Fountain Pen is here!

“In Venvstas we have set our minds and souls into creating unique objects that will not only carry the quality of Venus, but will honuor all three Vitruvian principles, striving for the harmony of nature. Our pieces are crafted by hand with care and precision, designed and built to last – something that


Leena Shrestha Menon, Pen Boutique and the future of the Fountain Pen

Leena Shrestha Menon runs the Fountain Pen Oasis which is to the fountain pen community today, what Milan was to trade industry and commerce during the renaissance. A hard-core fountain pen fanatic, Leena is highly regarded not only by her customers and the brands that she represents, but also


Atul Koirala and his mission to transform Nepal through handwriting

Atul Koirala is a man possessed. An MTech in Computer Science and Engineering from Russia, he is, as the corporate speak goes, “professionally, technically sound and business savvy with a 25+ years pioneering career reflecting strong leadership qualities, who is known for playing strategic roles in developing and implementing cutting-edge