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Arun Singhi, Lotus pens and the story of a reigning legend!

Arun Singhi of Lotus Pens is an institution. Literally a giant, among the mortal penmakers of India and I say this without in anyway belittling the others, and confident, that they will wholeheartedly (okay, reluctantly, if you may), vouch for what I say. And there are reasons that compel me

Lotus Pens

Arun Singhi of Lotus Pens talks his passion, bares plans for the future.

Lotus Pens and Arun Singhi are living legends. Ask any fountain pen aficionado and they will swear by his creations, not only enamoured by the sheer aesthetics of the writing instruments that he turns, but also because of their no-nonsense functionality and artistic appeal. Many connoisseurs are even willing to