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Lotus Flood 19, the pen that defies the deluge.

How many people have taken up the pen to highlight the bigger issues of global warming and climate change that have manifested themselves through the Mumbai floods? Yes, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are awash (no pun intended) with self-righteous indignation – but in all fairness, the posts are aimed more at likes and shares than genuine concern. Besides, hemmed-in between incessant chatter about cricket, Bollywood and maid-servant woes, their hollow bluster and pointless pontification seemed to border on the obscene, grotesque even.

Lotus Flood 19

Is all is lost then? Not really, if one were to consider the latest offering from Lotus Pens the Lotus “Flood 19”, Limited Edition. This particular pen is not merely a fountain pen. Not even a fountain pen of exquisite craftsmanship that has come to be known as the Lotus hallmark. It is a statement. A call for action. A symbol of the indomitable spirit of Arun Singhi, of Lotus. It is triumph of the fountain pen community.

And there is reason for saying all the things that I am stating. It is a statement that silently communicates the fact that if you have the courage, you can overcome. For those who do not know, the entire Lotus facility was inundated during the recent floods that had hit Mumbai. Arun Singhi was then giving final touches to the pens that he wanted to showcase in the Singapore Pen Show, his first overseas show. The flood waters did not dampen his spirits, he proceeded to the show and did a veni, vidi, vici. And on his return, made these pens not only as his offering to the Gods, but also as his weapon to highlight the fact that the disasters that are striking us with increasing frequency are but the creations of our own making.

It is thus also a call for action. Abhor plastic, go natural. Use Fountain pens as opposed to disposable monsters that are menacingly playing havoc with the fragile eco systems that have taken millions of years to evolve. Use fountain pens – they are re-useable, therefore long term and pose a significantly lower hazard to the environment.

Lotus Flood 19

It is a triumph for the fountain pen community because every time one of us emerges a victor, we all win. And Inshallah, the Lotus Flood 19 will be a winner. It has all that it takes to separate the men from the boys – it is made of German SEM Blue ebonite; sports imported Jowo Nib (gold plated with iridium tipped, No 6) and standard international Converter (Schmidt); apart from being superbly balanced, ready for the connoisseur’s hands. The grip section is smooth and perfectly crafted, keeping in mind the comfort requirements of the user, who intends to use it as the main implement for writing for long periods of time, either at a frenetic pace or with a leisurely gait.

Says Yusuf Mansoor, pen historian, restorer and collector “I salute the spirit with which this pen has been made and the black band in the pen will be my way of telling the world that I care. I have already ordered one for my collection … we all have to remember, what we give to nature, nature returns to us in abundance, let’s take a pledge to work toward improving our surroundings. I will be at my happiest best if this pen becomes the first step of the community towards that direction”.

Arun Singhi, Lotus

Says Arun Singhi, “my life revolves around the fountain pens. The pens that I make are literally my frozen emotions. And, the Lotus Flood 19 is but the reflection of the deep anguish with which I am witnessing environmental degradation all around us. Not being a man of words, and not gifted enough to literally pick up the pen and ink my concerns, I have made the Lotus Flood 19. It is my way of saying I care. It is my way of telling my fellow fountain pen lovers to act responsibly. Remember, this is the only Earth we have and that there will never be a second chance if we continue to plunder, pillage and pollute the environment the way we are doing now!”

Friends, the last time around, legend has it, that there was an Arc. This time, it is the Lotus Flood 19. Ink-up before it is too late.

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