Montegrappa: TIME & BRAIN. Dr. Richard Restak – Limited Edition

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Totem of time!

The sense of having too little time is a symptom of modern life, which is why our newest limited edition goes further than usual to afford writers the magical, modern luxury of slowing time down.

The novelist Ann Beattie once wrote “People forget years and remember moments.” Paradoxes like these are the subject of a writing instrument that provides a portal onto our fascinating, complex relationship with time. 

Time & Brain is the final instalment in a trilogy of pens created with the celebrated neurologist, Dr. Richard Restak. Like every example of Montegrappa Ultimate Craft, it’s a tool designed for writers to savour precious moments. But Time & Brain uses unconventional features and design to explore this concept in unprecedented depth.

Our newest limited edition blurs the lines between writing instrument and timepiece, with a quartz clock mounted on its cap and a miniature 3-second hourglass housed within its base. 

While these precision-engineered parts provide the most obvious clues to Time & Brain’s motif, every detail of its modern silhouette refers to our need to keep track of time – and the subtle superpowers that enable us to process past, present and future.

As Dr. Restak lays bare, time is an abstract concept that exists independent of clocks and watches. Our ability to understand time on multiple scales is astonishing: we can follow the progression of the seasons while sensing nuances of speech that occur within milliseconds. 

Yet our interpretation of time’s passing can vary wildly depending on our activity or mood. It’s a notion sure to resonate with all who know the cathartic experience of writing.

Lose yourself in the moment with Time & Brain’s combination of intricately ornamented precious metals, acrylic resin and cerebral intrigue. 

With quantities limited to 300 fountain pens and roller-balls in Sterling Silver and only eight examples of each in 18k Gold, there’s no time like the present to act.

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