Global Pen Expo, Ahmedabad – the countdown begins!

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Global Pen Expo, Ahmedabad ready to set the standard for Pen Shows in India.

Unprecedented. Unprecedented is the interest that has been generated by the Global Pen Expo, Ahmedabad 2020. And from the initial reports it is amply clear – the Ahmedabad show is ready to walk away with the title of India’s most glittering Pen event, splattering indelible ink on the ones that will inevitably follow.  

Global Pen Expo, Ahmedabad

As of today, all the thirty-six tables have been booked and the organisers are now being forced to politely refuse the requests that are still flooding in. Tables have been booked by some of India’s most trusted names in the domain of pen making – names behind the most loved Indian brands. And, speaking of brands, the show promises the pen lover an opportunity to feel offerings from some of the biggest and the best brands of the world, to sample and buy from a one stop destination.

For the uninitiated, Platinum, Montblanc, Parker, Cleo Scribent, Sailor, TWSBI, Lamy, Diplomat, Waldmann, Cross, Waterman, Kaweco, Scrikss, Pilot, Pelikan, Sheaffer, Monteverde, Laban, Platignum, Ohto, Conklin, Leonardo Officina Italiana, Retro 51, Stipula, Noodlers, Rotring, J Herbin, Rhodia, Benu, Visconti, Rudi Kellner My Paperclip and Robert Oster will be represented in the show, which is akin to saying that almost the entire spectrum of global pens available in India, inks and accessories will be on display.

Global Pen Expo, Ahmedabad

But that is not enough – Indian brands like Lotus, Click, Magna Carta, Constellations 88, Airmail and Ranga have also taken up space and will be there for the connoisseurs to sample. Urushi Studio India, Urushi lacquered, hand turned in India pens, which are currently the rage, will also be displayed at the Global Pen Expo Ahmedabad.

Being the first Pen Expo in Gujarat of such a scale, that too, one that is being organised by local, Ahmedabad based Global Distributor and Vasani’s Pen Gallery, the Global Pen Expo Ahmedabad is also generating a huge amount on interest. As a matter of fact, all the Social Clubs of Ahmedabad have extended their support to the event, which is enough to ensure that the footfall of the right kind swamp the show. The local, especially the vernacular media too has been actively supporting the Expo and attracting the eyeballs is, frankly speaking, the least of the concerns for the organisers now.

Global Pen Expo, Ahmedabad

A number of workshops on calligraphy, hand lettering and doodling have been planned, for which invitations have been sent to the local educational institutions, who have promised participation. “This will be our littler contribution towards reintroducing the art of handwriting to our children, who are getting increasingly preoccupied with the digital medium and are virtually forgetting how to write” says Tushar Vaghela, the man behind the Global Pen Expo, Ahmedabad.

But what is expected to really swing the show is the dedicated efforts that the organisers have put in to attract the target audience – people who habitually use fountain pens and have the wherewithal to patronise the brands of their choice like Doctors, Lawyers, Architects and Chartered Accountants. Here, the response has been overwhelming, which should be music to the ears of those who are taking up tables at the Global Pen Expo, Ahmedabad. For, it is the presence of high rollers like these that ensure that a show generate enough business to cover the costs and ensure a take-home for the participants. The Vaghela-Vasani duo, old hands in the pen trade, seems to have nailed it with this one.

Ahmedabad pen show

There are other attractions as well – Sudhir Kalyanikar, the man behind the FPAI and an acknowledged lover of fountain pens, will be there at the show, sharing his customised nib grinding and tuning expertise.

Yusuf Mansoor, collector, restorer and historian specialising in Indian pens will also be there at the show. As a matter of fact, he is leading a delegation of fountain pen collectors from Eastern India who will be available to share their knowledge with the local collectors and establish bonds of fraternity.

The organisers of the Global Pen Expo, Ahmedabad, have also planned dedicated Ink testing counters for visitors, keeping in view the manic obsession of penophiles to test their inks.

And if nothing else works, there is always the Free Complimentary Gift for all registered visitors at the Global Pen Expo Ahmedabad.

I will be there. Hope to catch up with you.

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