VENUS DE MILO Limited Edition from Montegrappa

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Her beauty is a monument to human artistry; her discovery, a testament to human curiosity. Two centuries after her unearthing, the magnificent Venus de Milo is the centrepiece of a new work of Montegrappa Ultimate Craft.

VENUS DE MILO Limited Edition from Montegrappa
VENUS DE MILO Limited Edition from Montegrappa

She is a gift from the past: a goddess carved from marble …for many, the epitome of femininity. Two hundred years after the discovery of the Venus de Milo, Montegrappa salutes her consummate poise and grace with a writing instrument of unflinching beauty.  The limited-edition Venus de Milo fuses timeless artistry with contemporary artisanship. An exclusive moulding technique shapes high-resolution marble ‘flour’ into a three-dimensional miniature. Her perfection – enriched by 2,100 years of ageing – is reproduced in exacting detail. High craft is in your hand.

For the recreation of this cultural marvel, the barrel effigy of Venus evokes the ambience of her adopted Louvre home: marble textures are surrounded by opulent, precious metal trims rich with ancient Greek and baroque motifs. For fountain pen lovers and collectors, a divine, piston-fed 18K rose gold nib is personalised with her silhouette.


Released for this bicentennial year, a principal edition of 200 fountain pens and 200 rollerballs carries trims cast from museum-grade bronze, while the 18K yellow gold Supreme Edition is limited to only eight and four examples respectively.
Experience the magnificence of one of the world’s great masterpieces on a writing instrument steeped in superlatives.

VENUS DE MILO Limited Edition from Montegrappa


Material: Resin,

Marble Flour

Trim: Bronze

Nib: 18K GOLD

Filling system: PISTON

Packaging: SPECIAL

Length: 140 mm

Diameter: 16.9 mm


200 Fountain Pens Bronze

8 Fountain Pens Solid 18k Gold

200 Rollerball pens Bronze

4 Rollerball pens Solid 18k Gold

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