Corona-contingency: Stay at home, observe social-distancing, and do not put unnecessary pressure on the medical system – Sudhir Kalyanikar

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Dear Friends,

Please note that these are my personal beliefs about the corona-virus.

I’ve been thinking of putting this out for some time and here’s what I personally think.

Sudhir Kalyanikar, when things were more socially “correct”!

I think the virus has already gone out of control and it will be very difficult to control it, by any means whatsoever.

That is the nature of pandemics and whatever little I know about Microbiology tells me this thing is already out there – has been for some time, and will be for a long time to come.

As a middle-aged person with a normal lifestyle and social habits, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m going to be exposed to this virus eventually, but I’m also sure it is not going to kill me.

Over time, I think a vast majority of the population is going to be exposed and will hopefully develop the natural immunity against the virus as happens with most diseases.

Having said that, I am also obeying the instructions of the government both for myself and more importantly for those who are more at risk – the sick, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

I feel that I owe it to them to stay at home for this mandatory lock-down period, to observe social-distancing so as to reduce the spread, and more importantly, to not put unnecessary pressure on the medical system.

But, like I said, the virus is already here and the virus is going to be here a long time, like most other diseases.

In time, there will be vaccines and cures and we will learn to cope and live with this like we have learnt to cope with millions of other diseases.

So this is what I believe and what I feel most healthy people should believe.

You are free to believe this or believe what doctors and professionals say (recommended) or believe random forwarded messages on WhatsApp (not recommended), totally your choice.

Sudhir Kalyanikar


2 Replies to “Corona-contingency: Stay at home, observe social-distancing, and do not put unnecessary pressure on the medical system – Sudhir Kalyanikar”

  1. Dear Sudhir,
    A very apt and timely message with personal views. It would be very nice if you could add something to motivate the true pen lovers as the founder of FPAI and a pen tuner, on fine tuning themselves like the nibs or how to adjust their feeds in controlling their resources like the flow of ink in the pens, how one needs to be resilient during the tough times like some of the tough pen’s characteristics built to last against all odds and connect them to the corona era. How each pen model can disseminate powerful messages to the pen community as role models of pens etc.,
    Looking forward to such a treatise from you.


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