An Appeal for Solidarity

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An Appeal to the fountain pen community to come together in this moment of grief and extend our support to humanity.


The loss of  near and  dear ones is always heart wrenching. The voids they leave behind can never be filled. Sorrow that becomes numbing when it is compounded by helplessness. When, one has to let go, secure in the knowledge that the lives could have been saved, if only…

One of our own, Yusuf Mansoor has just lost his Mother and Sister. Loss, that is as personal to him and his family as it is to us in the fountain pen community. Yusufji, we join you in your moment of grief. May the Almighty gather the departed souls in His arms and bless them with everlasting peace. May He give you and your family the strength to cope.

The pain is unbearable because of the situation in which Yusufji’s Mother and Sister passed away – without either the medical assistance that they desperately needed, or the supply of Oxygen that may have helped them to live. That, they were not the only ones to suffer this inhuman fate in these trying times is of no consequence. What is of consequence is what we do to ensure that no other life is lost in a manner so gruesome. That no son or brother has to go though what Yusufji had to bear.

Yusuf Mansoor has started an initiative muster resources so that O2 concentrators can be acquired and made available to the people in need and has appealed to all for their generosity.

Sale proceeds of all SAY.FP products (genuine leather fountain pen cases of various shapes, sizes and colours) will be used for the purpose. Alternatively, contributions can also be made directly.

The details as provided in Yusuf Mansoor’s Facebook wall are as follows:


3pen folder: 1250

4pens folder: 1450

6pens folder: 1650

12 pens folder: 1800 (basic)

12 pens folder: 2250 (premium)

48 pens folder (basic): 4000

48 pens (premium): 5500


You can Google pay on 9534799489

Bank Details:

Manzoor Yusuf

Account no: 537733119

IFSC Code: IDIB000P027

Indian Bank

West Gandhi Maidan branch Patna (Saving Bank)


Kindly help by spreading the word. Please amplify this Appeal by posting the link on your respective walls, so that the fountain pen community may take up this fight for humanity.


Thank You.


3 Replies to “An Appeal for Solidarity”

  1. I was so sad when I heard the news. I pray to god for the strength Yusuf sir and the world need right now.


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