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Diplomat – representing and protecting the interests of Nations, peoples and lovers of pens

Q1. What makes the Diplomat – one of the premier writing instrument makers in the world – look at India, that too just a couple of years from its hundredth anniversary?

Diplomat has a long history but was unfortunately part of big stationary groups during the last 20 years, not being a priority in terms of sales development. Being acquired by a family specialist of writing instruments two years ago, the brand has recovered ambition to show its specificity and attractivity. The brand was looking for best distribution in India which would give it importance, with motivated and specialized people being dedicated to the development of Diplomat…. they finally gave us (L.C.Todarwal & Co.) the opportunity. We have been into Premium Pens since more than 5 Years and had the expertise to make this ambition true.

Q2. What are your plans for India? What kind of a market presence are you looking for?

Diplomat had its existence long back in India. But unfortunately, due to not so strong support from the Indian distributor the brand’s visibility had vanished from the general consciousness. People who have been in the industry since many years have been very positive towards the brand, but currently we are trying to create awareness about the brand and slowly penetrating the market. On a long-term point of view, we want the widest distribution possible, both in traditional shops and online. We are already present in Gujrat, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and are adding more states every month. We would also be present for India’s First Pen Show at Nehru Centre on 2nd and 3rd of February. This platform will allow us to interact with fountain pen lovers to get their insights and what they see the brand as.

Q3. In an era where writing itself is becoming a lost art, how does Diplomat view the core businesses it is in? Going forward, what are your plans – both global and for India?

Everyday writing is maybe not a growing need…but writing pleasure remains and in this, the fine writing instruments are the best companions. As a comparison we could say that nobody needs a watch as we have phones and others providing the service to know what time it is, but nice watches are still a different pleasure.

We could also say that we don’t “write” the same thing just typing than when really taking pen in hands. Choice of words is different, ideas come in another way, maybe more creative, providing to the act of writing a real different experience which is still widely appreciated.

Q4. There have been a lot of talk about the resurgence in the global demand for fountain pens of late – what does it look like from Diplomat’s vantage point? Is it a flash in the pan, a genuine resurgence, or is it just a passing fad of going retro?

This question is maybe the proof of what we said in precedent answer….writing is a different pleasure, different way to express ones feelings and thoughts. Also, nice pens are reflective of the personality of the one carrying them as fashion accessories. It is difficult to say which part of the development will be only a flash and which will remain in the long haul. At least it proves the growing interest for those who provide personal style and DNA to their pens.

Q5. What are the unique selling propositions for Diplomat pens? Why must one own a piece? What are the key features that the brand espouses?

First of all, we are specialized in manufacturing pens in metal. We want to show the originality and modernity that it provides. The weight, balance, surface treatment…allows to have pens really different, such as the Aero. This pen, designed as a Zeppelin is the best example: Original design, unique colours due to the anodization of the metal providing shiny matt colours, touch of the aluminium which is light and change temperature easily. In addition, we believe we are Accessory Luxury brand. This means our pens are top level quality, assembled by our craftsmen in Germany, using the absolutely top materials: for a reasonable price and with modern designs, turned to the future more than our past.

Q6. Anything that you would like to communicate to our readers – fountain pen lovers, all? 

It is a pleasure to see the love for fountain pens. This love makes us work harder towards giving the best. We are very positive about the future of fountain pens and will make every effort towards it.

The website link is www.diplomat-pen.com


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