Dr Sovan Roy launches book in the Bhawanipur Education Society College

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 Dr Sovan Roy’s Magnum Opus, Radhika Nath Saha – Unsung Hero of Indian Fountain pen, launched.

Eminent scientist, Dr Sovan Roy’s Magnum Opus, “Radhika Nath Saha – Unsung Hero of Indian Fountain pen” was launched in the Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC) on Friday. The book was formally launched by career bureaucrat, ex Home Secretary of West Bengal Prasad Ranjan Roy and Prof Dilip Shah, the Dean of Student Affairs of the BESC in the presence of eminent guests, members of the faculty and students of the college.

Dr Sovan Roy
Dr Sovan Roy with Prof Dilip Shah, members of the faculty and students of the BESC

Dr Sovan Roy, talked at length about his passion for the fountain pen and regaled the audience with anecdotes that led him to stumble upon Dr Radhika Nath Saha  – the polymath and write about a forgotten chapter not only on the first Indian pen manufacturer in the organised sector, but also a rare tale of indomitable spirit, of entrepreneurship, of scientific discoveries.

Prasad Ranjan Roy welcomed the book as one of immense historical and academic interest and lauded the author for his dedicated efforts that has made it possible. As one who has written with a fountain pen all his life, he pointed out his obvious joy that such a book has been inked and hoped that Dr Roy, an acknowledged collector of India made fountain pens will share his subject expertise and record his knowledge about fountain pens for posterity.

Dr Sovan Roy
Dr Sovan Roy, with Prasad Ranjan Roy and Prof Dilip Shah

Chandranath Chatterjee, who has extensively worked on the history of Kolkata and is a distinguished collector of writing implements and instruments also spoke on the occasion.             

Prof Dilip Shah hailed the book as a landmark, putting on record his appreciation of the sheer amount of dedicated research work that the author has put in to shed light on a chapter of the Nation’s entrepreneurial and scientific ingenuity. He also highlighted the fact that the book will conclusively set at rest the question that has bugged many academicians and fountain pen aficionados alike “who made the first fountain pen in India?”

Prof Vasundhara Mishra, eminent poetess, regaled the audience with her composition dedicated to the fountain pen, which was penned specially for the occasion. Prof Minakshi Chaturvedi explained to the audience about the BESC initiative of helping students by reintroducing them to the charm of writing with a fountain pen, to embrace it as a sustainable alternative to the use-and-throw deluge of cheap plastic writing instruments. She underscored the need of using the fountain pen as a tool against the increasing digital influence which is robbing the young the ability to appreciate the finer nuances of life, sucking them into a depressive void. She stressed to the students in the audience the need to look at fountain pens as a stress buster, to resort to writing as a catharsis.  


Dr Sovan Roy
Dr Sovan Roy

Dr Sovan Roy then then gave a talk about the history of fountain pen making in India. He pointed out the fact that book is the first one of its kind that unravels the mysteries of fountain pen manufacturing in India in the early 1900’s and introduces to the world, again for the first time, an Indian inventor of fountain pens who had at least fourteen patents from various Nations providing guarantees to at least twenty-two or more Indian inventions / innovations on fountain pens. He also shed light on the much-debated topic of the “Swadeshi Pen” and talked about how Radhika Nath Saha’s creation, the Luxmi Pen (Lokkhi Pen in Bengali) had reached the hands of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

at the book launch

He underscored the point that Dr Radhika Nath Saha, the forgotten hero of Indian fountain pen has been rediscovered by the author and the book, he anticipated, will unveil a new chapter, hitherto forgotten, in Indian history of science and inventions apart from stoking the intellectual curiosity in many academicians who, he hoped, would take the work begun by him towards its logical end.

The event was organised by the Corporate Communication team of the BESC led by Darshana Shah. Maria Khan thanked the media persons for attending the event.

Dr Sovan Roy
Dr Sovan Roy with Suvobrata Ganguly at the book launch

Editor’s Note: The book is now available commercially. Aficionados wishing to collect a copy of the book are requested to send an email to penloverskolkata@gmail.com clearly mentioning your name and postal address. The Cover price of the book is Rs 700, which is being made available to the readers of www.inkedhappiness.com and members of www.penloverskolkata.com at a special price of Rs 500 (inclusive of postage within India). Kindly deposit the amount in the following account: GARGI ROY, Bank of India, AC No: 438210110009861, IFSC Code BKID0004382 Branch Rajarhat. The book will be mailed to you on receipt of the payment.



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  1. I would like to collect the Book and gift it to my son Master Sagnik Bhaduri a student of class IX and an avid fountain pen lover and collector as well. I would like to have the details of the payment mode in making it through to get the same before 31st of this month as Sagnik is having his birthday on 01st of January. Regards Indrajit Mob: 9830147757.


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