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Endless Recorder Notebook and your prized Pen – a marriage made in Heaven

A Glencairn tumbler for the Single Malt, any connoisseur will tell you, is de rigueur. Anything less and well, it is not the same. It is the same with Notebooks and Fountain pens. You Just cannot have a pen that you love more than your self and use it to write on an exercise book, any note book acquired from the bazaar. Well, I guess you can understand, for this is the limit I can go to, without sounding elitist and discriminatory and snobbish and prejudiced – which I am.

Like I was saying, a prize pen demands a notebook worthy of being written upon and sad as it was, we were missing one we could call our own, one that would make our hearts and pens, skip a beat. Not any more, for the Endless Recorder range of notebooks are here.

As far as the designs go, they are just the minimalist lines that scream to set you apart, that too in a choice of colours that are too haughty in their hues (and with names to match). The paper (68 gsm Tamoe River), the real stuff that separate the men from the mere mortals is off-course unique. The paper has virtually zero bleed – which means that what you write on one side remains on that side, as opposed to bleeding or spilling over on to the other side. Not really a quality that is cherished in politicians, but then again, what do I care? About politicians, that is. The pages are also acid free, which means that what you write / sketch / doodle today, will be there, long after even you are gone. Point is, it is a sheer pleasure to write on one – the paper melting in a tango with the nib. Ecstasy is indeed something that has to be felt, on the wet end of your fountain pen.

Endless Recorders come in two types – the blank sheets that beg to be filled and the dotted for the ones who crave for a more structured path to nirvana. A very thoughtfully designed guider sheet has also been thrown in by the designers for use with the blank sheets. Both types come with a built-in sleeve at the back for keeping stuff secure.

And least I forget, the covers are made of leatherette – the politically correct, humane, faux-thingie that wins the brownie points with the ladies and sundry other lovers of the incorporeal. To put things in the right perspective, it is 160 pages on the rocks, 8.4” X 5.6” of sheer delight, sewn to perfection.

The brand has a terribly attractive air of understated elegance about it. The look, the feel, the texture, the tenor – everything spells class, of an era when half the things that have replaced the essentials on your desk were not even invented. As a matter of fact, the website and the philosophy that the Endless brand professes to espouse are definitely worth taking a dekho: https://www.endless.works

The Endless Recorder is being introduced by thepenworld – a eCommerce portal that is curving out a distinct niche for itself as the address to head to for all things sartorial, related to the art of writing.

Pour your thoughts on the Endless Recorder the way you would pour your favourite Malt on the Glencairn. It is stuff that make life worth living.


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