Magna Carta unveils the Libertatum range in the DC Pen Show, USA.

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Magna Carta, the homegrown brand from Jamnagar Gujarat, never ceases to amaze. It begins with their name itself and let us leave it at that. Then comes the ostentatiously crafted and outlandishly priced (by Indian standards of pen making) offerings from Magna Carta which have by now created a distinct, even fanatical fan following for themselves. Then the move into the realm of CNC machining. And now, unveiling its latest range in the DC Pen Show, no less. Sheer swagger. Like him or lump him, you sure cannot ignore the chutzpah of Hiren Kanakhara, the man behind Magna Carta.

But before that the dope. The Magna Carta Libertatum had declared the Sovereign to be subject to the Rule of Law and documented the liberties held by Free Men, thereby paving the foundation for individual rights in Anglo-American jurisprudence. “The Libertatum range from Magna Carta is as fundamental to fine penmanship” claims Magna Carta. “Everything about this range is made intramurally, by a family of proud penmakers in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India”. The material is developed in-house by following a proprietary process in which the resins have been blended to create the dreamy and surreal end effect and has been fondly christened “Magnarc”.

Magna Carta unveils the Libertatum

What needs to be added here is a simple fact that Magnarc looks exactly like the brother that Arco had lost in the Kumbhmela in a Bollywood blockbuster. For the uninitiated, Italian pen wizard Omas had stunned the fountain pen fraternity with their Arco celluloids in the 1930’s which were forced out of production during the great war and had made a huge comeback in the late 1990’s. Magnarc is not a mare material with which the pens have been crafted then, but also a huge achievement that Indian manufacturing capabilities (call it ingenuity if you may) can be lauded for. The similarities are purely accidental, but that I guess is a twist in the tale that is best saved for the last frame.


The pens have been fashioned in the Magna Carta owned CNC machines following strictest quality control norms as the family believes that on each piece that leaves the premises, rides the reputation of the entire family.  The pens feature an ebonite feed, again an inhouse offering, which have been paired with nibs that have been handcrafted using the best inputs available. The accoutrements, restricted to the minimum, to heighten the quiet elegance of the instrument that bears the name of the most revered historical document, are equally understated, but pure to their core. Similarly, the clips sport a roller for ease of use and are made of copper keeping in mind the fact that most of these pens will become family heirlooms. In short, the pens can be appreciated for the attention to minute details that are writ large, not something characteristic (and this is say with my hand firmly on my heart), of Indian penmaking.

Magna Carta unveils the Libertatum

So much so, that when the company claims, “the Magna Carta Libertatum is no mere writing instrument – it is the pinnacle of perfection, attained by many decades of painstaking pen making. It is the wand, worthy of the carrier – ready to transform a signature into an autograph” one is tempted to agree.


The Magna Carta Libertatum comes in three different combinations, marking three different years associated with the document:


1215 (Red and Golden) to commemorate the year when it was signed by King John of England near Windsor. The Gold denoting the Crown and the red representing the Council of 25 Barons who were the signatories.


1225 (Brown and Golden) to commemorate the year when the Charter was reissued. Again, the gold denoting Royal patronage, while the brown signified the good intention of the King.

Magna Carta unveils the Libertatum

1297 (Grey and White) to mark the year when the Magna Carta became a part of England’s Statute Law. Here too, the Golden accents are there to denote the Crown, while the Grey and White symbolise the liberties held by all men.

The Libertatum from  Magna Carta comprises of three different models – The Crown, the Baron and the Lord.


Technical Specifications:


Length: 5.8 inches

Cap Diameter: 18 mm

Barrel Diameter:  16 mm

Section Diameter: 13 mm

Metal Trim:  pvd 24k pure gold

Clip: Made from non-ferrous metal roller clip

Nib:  No 8, 24k pvd gold plated with Magna Carta logo stamped

Available point Fine, Medium and Broad

Filling system: International Standard Converter

Oh, by the way, the pens also write. And write beautifully at that. I am at a complete loss as to what I should refer myself as – Baron, Lord or King, having acquired all three pens!


For More information:

You can watch the video here: The Magna Carta Libertatum is here – YouTube



3 Replies to “Magna Carta unveils the Libertatum range in the DC Pen Show, USA.”

  1. This is the 1st time I see they made some hand friendly good model.
    Previous all their models( majority) to some “show piece” , “show case “ type of models. Not user friendly nor writing friend . I believe they definitely have specific customer group for them they made those models .

    This model is very good , but totally out of range of a normal fp user

  2. The pen show above in the magnarc-dc advert, is it a pen show special edition? Is it available for purchase?


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