Rytol Chairman’s Fountain Pen

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So, you have arrived. What next, Mister Chairman?

For all those who are stumped for an answer, there is only one thing to do. Flash out your Rytol writing instrument – it is enough to get the message across (not to mention, silence the critics and the Cassandras once and for all).

Rytol Chairman’s Fountain Pen
Rytol Chairman’s Fountain Pen

For, Rytol exemplifies the finest handmade luxury writing instruments, each painstakingly brought to life by an Indo-British technology joint venture; each an ode of perfection; each an ostentatious display of man’s eternal quest to adorn the crown with the most precious embellishments.

And a crown jewel Rytol certainly is. Sreenath Vishnu, the founder and CEO of Rytol Pens followed his passion for the pen – he started like all of us, as an aficionado and a collector – going all the way to England, to learn the craft of hand-turning pens from the masters.

Rytol   Pen

Ronald K Caddy – Ron Caddy to the fraternity – the Wizard of Wood from Hampshire, who has spent most of his life turning out pieces that connoisseurs heap praises on, not only shared his art (a closely guarded vocation that was passed on from generation to generation, no less) with Sreenath, but also continues to bless Rytol as a mentor and the technology partner.

Rytol Pens
Ronald Caddy and Sreenath Vishnu – turning togetherness!

It will not be out of place to mention here that Ron has been a woodturner for close to three decades now and has been specialising in making pens for more than fifteen years, focussed exclusively on the creation of writing instruments of rare distinction. Ron also demonstrates to various organisations and for the past couple of years has been a demonstrator at a United Kingdom’s National Woodturning Show. Ron is a National Coordinator for the ‘Young Turners Training & Development Programme’ on behalf of the Worshipful Company of Turners and the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain. Ron is a respected member of various associations like Test Valley Turners Association, Hampshire Woodturners Association, International Association of Pen-turners, American Association of Woodturners and Association of Woodturners of Great Britain.

Rytol   Pens

With the knowledge acquired from Ronald, not to mention his continued support, Sreenath Vishnu has gone about making his dream of creating the pen that is as much an ornament as it is a writing instrument. What is even more remarkable is the fact that his creations are also “period pieces” – pens that are a tribute to the Victorian Era resplendent in their full flamboyance and regal countenance. That some of the techniques used to bring these instruments to life date back to the time, is another example of the lengths to which the company is willing to trudge in its search for excellence.

Rytol   Pens

But that doesn’t mean that Rytol is restricted to hardwood alone – they are equally adept at turning in masterpieces with resin and stone finishes as well, which allows them to offer an endless number of options in the choice of barrels to the connoisseurs. Add to the barrel and cap the solid gold finials, the Swarovski crystal embellishments and imported, customised nibs that in writing are pleasure personified, and you have a pen that is as much a work of art, as it is a homage to the art of the beholder – exactly what Sreenath Vishnu had sought out to achieve, what now seems eons back.

Rytol   Pens

A soft spoken, unassuming man, Sreenath Vishnu is a second-generation entrepreneur, who diligently performs his tasks as the prime mover behind Brahmins Foods, one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of packaged food. He shuns the glare of publicity and wishes to make Rytol instruments do the talking. As a matter of fact, he does not even mention that he is a member of the prestigious International Association of Penturners (IAP) an organization that recognizes pen making as an art with unique and distinctive character – one of the very few Indian to have made it on to its rolls. Pen making, incidentally, encompasses a vast array of techniques, materials, technical knowledge, and novel approaches to producing a functional, aesthetically appealing writing instrument.

Actions speak louder than words, they say, and methinks, it will suffice if we only mention just another fact about Rytol instruments – Rolls-Royce Chennai; members in Qatar Royal Family; Kalyana Raman – Chairman, Kalyan Jewellers; Bobby Chemmannur, Procam International – are all satisfied (and proud) wielders of Rytol Pens.

Ace calligrapher, Prof K C Janardhan – the Maestro -  with his Rytol Chairman’s Pen
Ace calligrapher, Prof K C Janardhan – the Maestro – with his Rytol Chairman’s Pen

Ace calligrapher, Prof K C Janardhan – the Maestro, is another writer enamoured with his Rytol Chairman’s Pen. He did not hold back his obviously happy countenance when asked about the pen: “the Rytol Chairman’s fountain pen is proudly handcrafted in India. The olive wood symbolises peace and friendship while the rings are decorated with 24 K gold plated, three-dimensional design portraying the impenetrable precision of the decision maker. The sparkling Swarovski crystal embedded on the rhodium plated clip, epitomises the crystal-clear vision of ascendency in the one whose thoughts it translates to words.”   

Ace calligrapher, Prof K C Janardhan – the Maestro -  with his Rytol Chairman’s Pen
Ace calligrapher, Prof K C Janardhan – the Maestro – with his Rytol Chairman’s Pen

“Going beyond the surface, the pen seems to have been made specifically for me – the weight is just heavy enough to give my lettering the depth they demand, without straining my fingers, something that is otherwise brought about by prolonged writing; the girth of the pen is of such a width that it feels like an extension of my fingers, blending in as it does into my grip; while the flow of ink and the smoothness of the nib are such precious feelings that words fail me as I try to record my appreciation.

Ace calligrapher, Prof K C Janardhan – the Maestro -  with his Rytol Chairman’s Pen
Ace calligrapher, Prof K C Janardhan – the Maestro – with his Rytol Chairman’s Pen

It is said that it is lonely in the top. I am sure, the Rytol Chairman’s Pen will be an excuse to look forward to the loneliness”. 

No ordinary words, those – coming from a man who has literally written his way to scale heights mere mortals are even scared to aspire for!     

For More information: www.rytol.shop


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  2. Really Amazing..the artwork carried out on the Rytol fountain pens is amazing and its package..your commercial site is not functional..


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