Talisman Collection from Benu – prepare to be charmed

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Talismans are objects, charms with magical powers that typically ward off evil and bring good luck. While talismans have been popular down the ages, the raging pandemic that has forced the world on to its knees has brought the talismans back into reckoning with many seeking their protective presence. Now imagine a fountain pen – one’s prized possession, doubling up as a talisman, that soothes and heals?

Talisman Collection from Benu
Dragon’s Blood

That is exactly what Benu, the enfant terrible of fountain pen turning world, makers of bespoke beauties from Russia have done – unveiling a whole range, comprising of five pens called the Talisman Collection. Says Alex Semanin – Chief Designer and co-founder of Benu, the man behind all designs and productions, “this collection is inspired by great legends and the mystical beliefs that surround talismans, amulets, and other magical items used to bring luck, protection, money, love or special abilities. Whether you are an avid believer in the magical power of plants, stones, herbs, and crystals, or you remain sceptical to this mysterious and unknown world, there indeed lies a sprinkling of curiosity and intrigue within each of us. Believer or not, we can all admire the fabulous myths and ancient beliefs behind these good luck charms. We invite you to step into this hypnotizing realm of folklore and see for yourself if there is any truth to be found beneath the fables!”

Talisman Collection from Benu

The five pens of the Talisman Collection, each named after a special substance are Mandrake, Dragon’ Blood, Peacock Ore, Fox Gloves, and Edelweiss. What is even more fascinating is the narrative that have been woven around each pen, where drawing inspiration from tales of yore, the stories have been illustrated not only in the colour and style of each pen, but by actually infusing a part of each substance into the five stunning designs.

Benu has been a relatively new entrant in the fascinating world of fountain pens. However, in the little time that it has spent in this world, it has curved out a distinct niche for itself with a die-hard group of followers who swear by the brand’s creativity. Never content on following the beaten path of mediocrity, it has sprung one delightfully bright, preppy and zestful creation after the other, taking the fountain pen fraternity by storm. So much so, that the fact that each Benu creation has been backed by craftsmanship of the highest order and that the input materials are always the best in the class, are generally taken for granted.

Talisman Collection from Benu

But with the Talisman Collection, the journey of Benu seems to have come full circle, the narratives that have been woven around each pen setting a highwater mark of creativity. The Dragon’s Blood with strength and invulnerability ascribed to it in the myths, for example, looks just the apogee of might that it purports to ooze on to the beholder. Similarly, the Edelweiss looks every bit the magical wand of true love and chivalry, of bravery.

The Foxglove, in its volcanic brightness comes across as one bearing good luck and fairy’s magic, while the Mandrake, true to the innumerable tales that sing paeans to its efficacies, look every bit the charm for wealth and sexuality. The Peacock Ore, stunning in its iridescence, is in itself resplendent with an aura of happiness and creativity, to the extent of being infectious.

Talisman Collection from Benu
Peacock Ore

Initial response to the Talisman range is said to be fantastic with most aficionados who have been lucky enough to see the pens going gaga over them, to the extent of being unable to pick any one from the collection as each one is equally mesmerising.



Technical Specifications:

Available writing modes: fountain pen

Material: acrylic

Сlip material: stainless steel

Length: 13.8 cm / 5.43 inches

Weight: 21 g

Cap: screw-on, can be posted

Refill: international standard long cartridges or converters (72 mm / 2.8 inches)

Fountain pen nib: stainless steel Schmidt nib, size #6

Available nib width: Fine, Medium, Broad


Editor’s Note: Each pen from the Talisman collection is non-toxic and completely safe to be used by both adults and children.


For More information contact: https://www.benupen.com/


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