TEACHER’S PEN: Professions Series from Montegrappa

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Teacher’s Pen: Fruit of appreciation

TEACHER'S PEN: Professions Series from Montegrappa

For those who give so much to our children’s futures, gestures of appreciation should be more than token. Inside a book-shaped case, a message of hope and a symbol of gratitude are ingrained into a writing instrument designed to perform lasting work. A gift that keeps on giving…for the best teacher in the world.

“ONE child, ONE Teacher, ONE book and ONE pen can change the world.”
The famous words of the young Nobel Laureate, Malala Yousafzai, provide the leitmotif for a new Montegrappa pen made to pay tribute to teachers, tutors and instructors. From tip to toe, the Teacher’s Pen is steeped in classroom identity and tradition – a gift made to impress, and to last.

Addressed to the best teacher in the world, the Teacher’s Pen’s gift case has the airs of a hand-bound book. Inside lies a professional-class writing instrument made in Montegrappa’s vintage, Bauhaus-inspired Elmo 01 silhouette.

TEACHER'S PEN from Montegrappa


Though the apple’s use as a token of appreciation can be traced back to 18th century Scandinavia, it was Bing Crosby and Connie Boswell who sparked its widespread adoption with their 1939 hit, ‘An Apple for the Teacher’. Over the decades, apples have become increasingly symbolic – with apple-themed fare taking the place of the humble, crispy fruit.

TEACHER'S PEN Montegrappa


Material: resin

Trim: steel

Nib: steel

Filling system: converter, cartridge

Packaging: special

Length: 141 mm

Diameter: 14.7 mm

Weight: 31.00 gr


For More Information: https://www.montegrappa.com


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