The Onoto Pen Company unveils the University of Oxford Collection

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The Onoto Pen Company, makers of luxury pens that are for today, tomorrow, forever have announced the launch of two new pens to the official University of Oxford Collection: the Oxford Blue Magna Classic and the Oxford Blue & Gold Pinstripe! The pens symbolise the rich history of one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.

Oxford Blue Magna Classic

This University of Oxford design is created with the official Oxford Blue coloured resin and Sterling Silver Fittings with the University of Oxford logo on the top of the cap.

The Oxford Magna is based on the style and shape of one of the most famous fountain pens ever made – the Onoto Magna of 1937 which is still acclaimed by many as the Best fountain pen ever made

Made from rich Oxford Blue resin and complemented by sterling silver fittings including a broad engraved cap band, the University of Oxford crest on the cap button and Onoto Chevron clip, it is highly distinctive and unique.

Oxford Blue and Gold Pinstripe

The most elegant University of Oxford collection in the acrylic range. It features three bands with the traditional English design of classic blue & gold pinstripe.

12% of the net sale price goes to the University of Oxford for every pen sold through this website.

Since 1905, classic craftsman-made Onoto fountain pens have been cherished for their reliability, their innovation and their style in every corner of the world. As a matter of fact, such is the reverence with which Onoto pens are held that pen-lovers, collectors, and connoisseurs all appreciate the timeless elegance and eternal appeal that defines an Onoto pen, not to mention their flawless functionalities.

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