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Rabindra Nath Tagore, Asia’s first Noble laureate had visited China thrice, twice living with a young Cambridge educated Chinese poet Xu Zhimo and his wife Lu Xiaoman. Xu Zhimo acted as the official translator of the bard and is known to have been, not only extremely close to the poet, but also deeply influenced by his thoughts. As a matter of fact, Sasha Su-Ling Welland has gone on record stating how Xu Zhimo “worshipped Tagore and his use of natural imagery as spiritual expression”.  Xu Zhimo too, had spent a few days in Calcutta on his way back home from Europe in 1928 and was said to have enjoyed Tagore’s love and affection as a son and was fondly called “Susima” by the Indian bard.

Xu Zhimo was certainly one of the most profound crafters of romantic poetry in 20th century China and his contribution to modern Chinese poetry and literature are universally acknowledged. His contribution, especially in reshaping Chinese poetry from its traditional inwardness and enriching it with his free thinking, inputs of vernacular Chinese language, as well as introducing western influences have made him curve a distinct niche for himself.

It is a fitting tribute then, that Onoto has announced an exclusive range for the King’s College, Cambridge, to commemorate the near 100th anniversary of the poet, Xu Zhimo attending the prestigious College. He had revisited the Cambridge in 1928 and wrote his most famous piece “saying goodbye to Cambridge again”.

The Collection comprises of:

The Silver Pen

The Xu Zimho sterling silver pen featuring the King’s Purple Vitreous Enamelling on the cap and the barrel apart from the King’s College crest on the top of the cap.


The Pinstripe Pen

A classic English Pinstripe Fountain Pen, based on the style and shape from the Onoto Magna of 1937, made from high density black acrylic and blended with the King’s purple.


Both pens feature the signature and personal seal of the celebrated poet and the King’s College crest on the cap.

Sales of the Xu Zhimo Pens will help to provide studentship funding, in memory of Xu Zhimo, for international graduate students at King’s College, Cambridge.

A fitting tribute to a great poet, indeed. A pity however, that there is no Indian maker of fine pens who can give a similar compliment to Rabindra Nath Tagore.

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