Callithon 2021 the biggest annual Calligraphy event is all set to surpass its earlier avatar.

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Callithon 2021 to celebrate Calligraphy.

Calligraphy. Some lovingly call it frozen poetry. Some refer to it as the art of preserving the moment even after the words extinguish themselves. Some have even gone to the extent of describing it as the dance of the pen on paper. Yet, the very art of Calligraphy is facing an existential crisis, bereft of the royal and religious patronage of yore, its spiritual soul desecrated by a digitised population in search of instant gratification. However, not all is lost, as there still remains a few hard-core individuals and organisations waging a last-man-standing battle to keep the banner of Calligraphy fluttering.Callithon 2021

Ikram Ahmed Khan and Rabiya Kulsum, co-founders of the Spacewell Foundation of Bangalore are such noble souls, whose maiden effort aimed at “promoting the critical practise of calligraphy as a craft and as an art form; to encourage individual excellence; and foster a wider appreciation and a deeper understanding of the history of calligraphy and its application through the free interchange of ideas and techniques” – the Callithon 2020 was a huge hit.

Callithon 2021
Ikram Ahmed Khan

As many as 700+ entries were received from participants around the world who had competed in three different categories of Arabic Calligraphy and were judged by eminent Calligraphers like Fuad Kouichi Honda of Japan, Mohammed Tarifi Kashti of Iran and Abdul Kayyum Silawat of India. The event had also witnessed a heady exchange of ideas between the participants, the audience and invited speakers like Nuria Garcia Masip from Paris and Siddiqua Juma from the United Kingdom and Fauzia Maraam from India.

Live streamed on YouTube, Facebook and CollabDeen (technology partner from Singapore), the Callithon received an overwhelming Global response with a viewership of 2000+ attendees. The event celebrated its glory moment with the announcements of the winners in the three categories.

Callithon 2021
Rabiya Kulsum

“The selection of the Winners was done by maintaining anonymity of the participant names, nationalities and gender and the finalists underwent a strict scrutiny through a Zoom Call where the top 5 finalists of each category had to redesign a small element of their artwork to prove the authenticity” said Ikram Ahmed Khan and Rabiya Kulsum the Co-Founders of Callithon.

“The idea behind hosting this event each year is to provide a platform for calligraphers and art lovers to get connected and introduce them to an eminent panel of judges with their wealth of experience in this majestic world of calligraphy” said Ikram Ahmed Khan. “It’s a continuous effort of the team to spread knowledge about this fading supreme art as part of our community service by imparting such vocational training” added Rabiya Kulsum.

The second edition, Callithon 2021 – a virtual, global English calligraphy competition is now being given the final touches to. What is however assured is that this year too, the competition will be conducted with the same professionalism and the organisers are confident that the entries will be just as brilliant and the testing just as exacting. The last date for registration has been fixed at 26th March 2021.

one of the winning entries from Callithon 2020

Prof K C Janardhan, founder of the J’s Quill group and owns one of its kind museum of handwriting, lettering, calligraphy, fountain pens and other writing instruments, will judge the entries. He is a professor of penmanship and a calligraphy maestro, who is the only person to have been privileged to write his own passport!

Callithon 2021
Prof K C Janardhan

“Calligraphy is the cure” said professor Janardhan, “to a population that is today faced with social isolation, spiritual depravation and economic desperation. It can not only work as a catharsis helping them to release the depressing negativities that are weighing heavy on them, but can also provide the answer to our young who are otherwise digitally damned, as a release, an escape route. My kudos to the organisers of the Callithon 2021 not only as an exponent of the fine art of calligraphy, but also as a teacher and a parent”.


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  1. hello can i ask the last date for sending our calligraphy? and the branches of competition
    i want to participate in sulus branch
    best regards


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