Click Pens urges all to test their writing skills, unveils handwriting Competition

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Click, India’s most lover brand of writing instruments has unveiled a brand new initiative to encourage people to pick up their Fountain pens and fight the demons of these difficult times.

The Competition which begins today will run through to the end of October providing an unique opportunity to anyone who wishes to participate. There are no entry barriers, no restricting rules either. All that participants have to do as Harsh Gagwani the man behind the Click brand explained, is write / scribble / draw / doodle anything of their choice; take a photograph of their creation with the Click pen used to create it; and mail it to the email id that will be provided.

The names of the Judges who will pick up the winners from the entries received, will be be announced in the due course of time.

The competition is aimed at encouraging more and more people to take up the fountain pen which is widely considered as one of the most potent tools to fight a number of ailments from mental fatigue and sheer boredom to depression in its many forms. “These are difficult times, especially for young people who are forced to remain indoors and we thought it is our duty to reach out to them and provide them with a healthy and intellectually stimulating alternative, hence the competition” said Harsh Gagwani,

We always knew you for making pens that are competitively priced and qualitatively superior, making your products undisputed leaders in the segments that you throttle. However, this humane face of yours, this effort to reach out to people who are stranded today is something that makes us look at you with a renewed interest, with respect. Bravo!

Let us hope that you keep up the good work.

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4 Replies to “Click Pens urges all to test their writing skills, unveils handwriting Competition”

  1. Sounds really fun and amazing sir. Truly writing helps with our negative emotions. This competetion will really help people let out their inner creative side.

  2. Dear Click Lovers,
    Here are the Winners of the Click Handwriting Competition! We were literally flooded with entries and Prof K C Janardhan had a real tough time in selecting the winners, as most of the entries were above average. He had to take individual printouts, compare one against the other on set parameters and painstakingly identify the firsts among equals. To honour as many Click lovers as possible, Prof K C Janardhan has also created five different categories in which he has identified the best entries.
    With a view towards addressing your concerns about perfection, we have also requested Prof K C Janardhan to take the winning entries of each Category and tell us a few words about how you can further improve your work and we hope to progressively bring them for your perusal in the near future.
    Thank you again for your love and the overwhelming response. We will certainly hold many more competitions in the future after incorporating all the suggestions that you have mailed to me which are currently being studied by Prof K C Janardhan.
    Have a Happy and Prosperous Diwali.
    Harsh Gagwani
    NB: All precautions have been taken to select the winners and Prof Janardhan’s decision, based on a number of key factors are final.

    The following are the categories and the winners:

    1. Sumitha Halder
    2. Sumona Halder
    3. Trisha
    Students – cursive
    1. Shohini Roy
    2. Sohum Krishna
    3. Pranav
    Special Mention
    1. Laasya
    2. Jagjeet Singh
    Print Style of Writing
    1. Mukesh
    2. Trimbak
    3. Rajesh Kumar
    Amateur – Copperplate
    1. Zahir Parkar
    2. Enakshi Guha
    3. Raj Ahmed
    1. Mrunal
    2. Akhilesh Narayana
    3. Sagar
    Special Recognition
    1. Paru Hingwala
    2. Sunil Pandya


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