Cross your heart and give Liberty a Rollerball

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Cross X Liberty United Collector’s Edition Gunmetal Gray Rollerball

I abhor dot pens and gel pens and roller-ball pens. Lesser mortals all. Naturally, eulogising about them and their ilk is sacrilege, no less. But this one is different. This one is special. This one deserves a salute, even from a confirmed fountain pen lover like me.  Even more than the instrument, for the thought that has gone into the shaping of this pen, which is not only mightier than the sword but has actually melted an illegal gun to come into being. Bravo!

Each year more than 17,000 American children fall victim to gun violence. Traditional solutions have failed to make a real difference for these kids. Cross is proud to partner with Liberty United to take action in the fight against gun violence. And their response has been revolutionary – not only are the pens being made out of illegal guns that are melted and thereby taken out of the system, a part of the sale proceeds will go for the benefit of children who live under the shadow of the gun in some of America#s most violent neighbourhoods.  By purchasing, one would actually help give new hope, by supporting programs that educate and protect at-risk children in the most violent neighbourhoods in the US of America.

Now that is what deserves a salute – even of a for-life fountain pen lover!

There is more each pen features an engraved serial number of a gun removed from circulation and the clip bears a moniker crafted from remade gun steel. the Instrument itself is presented in a luxury gift box that includes a Liberty United presentation stand and a Lifetime Mechanical Guarantee. And I repeat twenty percent of profits fund programs that support kids affected by gun violence in America.

Go for the draw “pardner”, shoot that cheque!

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