Epitome – Innovative Disruption of the Fountain Pen kind

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Epitome Pens, Vinamra Tapadiya and a Fountain Pen designed by a 17-year-old that promises to churn the oceans of apathy.

This is the age of innovative disruption. Of upstart start-up Davids that take on the full might of well-established Goliaths, and shoe-string their way to victory. This is the age of Uber which owns no cabs (but has the largest fleet on road); of Amazon (that owns no brick-and-mortar store, but is now generic and ubiquitous); of Facebook (that creates no content). This is the age of young men (and women) coming out of no-where and toppling apple carts with impunity. This then, is the age of Epitome.

Epitome that lists as its Mission statement “to manufacture the most perfect fountain pens in the world”. Montblanc after so many years of global domination does not dare to make such a claim. Pelikan from Germany, Sailor from Japan or even our own, home-grown Ratnam chooses to make no such Mission as its own. But Epitome does. Guess, that is all this age of digitally dogmatised world is all about. But then again, a Mission is often a dream. And why put fetters on a dream?


Speaking of dreams, Epitome is the dream of a young man who is in college. A man who was bitten by the fountain pen bug when he was in school, and had “created” his first fountain pen for a school project. He was a regular in the circuit for many long years and rode the crest of the wave as the “Fountain Pen Guy” with his consistently posted fountain pen reviews. One thing led to another and it wasn’t long, before he started noticing the flaws, the shortcomings in the fountain pens that he bought / reviewed in his youtube channel. No pen, and I quote, “among innumerable fountain pens available, there was something unique in each of them but there wasn’t an all rounder that had all the features”. Naturally, the young man took upon himself the onerous task of filling the void that the world put together could not address over the last two hundred odd years, “in our drive to create an epitome of excellence that embodied all the features of a great fountain pen, we came up with our exclusive design”. Lo and behold!

Meet Vinamra Tapadiya. The man with the chutzpah. The man whose PR material says “today, the Epitome Pen Company is an Indian fountain pen brand manufacturing handmade fountain pens with exquisite care and intricate detail. Each pen is designed with aesthetics and ergonomics, keeping in mind the industry standards. Our products are manufactured under the guidance of industry experts with research at its core. Through our products, we believe in spreading the love of the world’s most fine writing instrument – the fountain pen. Our products are made for everyone; catering to every individual’s need while using a writing instrument. Each pen is manufactured with high quality materials and exclusive care towards each and every single step. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best, and want writing to be a pleasurable experience for them. Personal attention is given to every fountain pen right from its manufacturing to its packaging until it reaches in your hands”.


Sceptics will point out that with only one model and outsourced production facilities, the claims are a bit on the taller side, but I would like to draw their attention to the fact that the young man is daring to venture where the big and the mighty have not had the courage to tread in. Besides, Epitome is a new brand, a first timer no less and we must give it a long rope, before passing judgement. Oh, one more thing, who are we to pronounce a verdict? Should it not be reserved for the actual end users of the Epitome instruments?


Well, Epitome is here. Epitome is a new fountain pen company floated by someone for whom it is purely a passion play. Epitome is floated by someone who has age on his side – as opposed to us geriatrics who are holding on to our fountain pens for dear life. Epitome is an entity that, brash shenanigans notwithstanding, has the right message and can connect with the people of tomorrow, to most of whom, a fountain pen itself is an anachronism.


I am ready to raise my fountain pen in a toast to Epitome and to Vinamra Tapadiya. Let us hope he is able to pull it off.


Physical Features of the pen:


* Cigar Shape that’s evenly balanced.

* Comfortable round grip section for longer durations of writing.

* Smooth and consistent ink flow without lagging.

* Light weighted fountain pen comfortable for long and short hands.

* Transparent barrel shows how much ink is left in the fountain pen.


Material: Multicoloured (Pop Candy or Tutti – Fruity) Acrylic

Transparent Acrylic (Barrel)


Nib: #6 size Kanwrite chrome plated Nib (EPC Logo Embossed)

Available in Fine, Medium and Broad!


Filling System: Cartridge and Converter and Eyedropper

Schmidt converter for bottled ink included with pen

For more information:

Epitome Pens: https://www.epitomepens.com/



5 Replies to “Epitome – Innovative Disruption of the Fountain Pen kind”

  1. All the best to the kid, that alone appears to be the differential factor from other pen makers for this pen. How else is this different from other pens is not brought out, what flaws are there in other pens that this pen wants to address? What makes this pen different from the other pens?
    All these things could be brought out more explicitly. Pardon me for being straightforward. This is just another pen with a Kanwrite nib that is on the higher side of the pricing. Unless the differentiating factors are brought out.

  2. Cheers Vinamra. May you achieve greater heights! Really beautiful, cannot wait to use this pen!


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