Kaweco Sport Piston filler – big things indeed come in small packages!

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Kaweco Sport Piston filler fountain pen – sweet dreams are made of these.

H&M Gutberlet Gmbh. Not many fountain pen aficionados in India know the name. Even the name Michael Gutberlet is not a one that is well known in these parts of the world. And the pen lovers cannot be faulted, for they know not, even the name Federhalter-Fabrik (literally translated to Penholder Factory) Koch, Weber & Co. which in short is Kaweco!

Kaweco poster

Now, that is familiar territory and anyone, who is even remotely associated with the world of writing instruments, is familiar with the Kaweco name – an entity that dates back to 1883 and is synonymous with quality writing instruments that defy time. As a matter of fact, Kaweco’s flagship – the Octagonal Sport, is a cult pen, if ever there was one, and though it was originally introduced way back in 1913, it continues to be hugely popular, till date. It was an exceptionally light weight and compact pen in those days of bulk and the octagonal Classic Sport, which was introduced in 1935 had propelled it to the iconic status it has enjoyed virtually uninterrupted.

Kaweco Sport Piston filler

Kaweco had closed shop in 1981, only to be revived by a company called H&M Gutberlet Gmbh which wanted to ensure that the legacy of crafting functionally perfect and elegant instruments of writing is continued for generations to come. Michael Gutberlet is the man who ushered in the transition.

A keen collector of writing instruments, Michael, along with his father and brother had long been admirers of Kaweco products, especially the sport and it is under his stewardship that the Kaweco brand has not only reclaimed its position in the sun, but is also raring  to reach out to the future, feet firmly planted on its close to a hundred and forty year legacy of successes.

Kaweco poster

As a matter of fact, the spate of new launches from Kaweco that have fired the imagination, winning over an entirely new generation of fountain pen lovers (apart from the unrestrained admiration of the old and loyal faithful) is all thanks to the inventiveness of Michael Gutberlet. He has gone on record stating that he considers it vital that Kaweco develop products that are infused with the DNA of its predecessor and that he draws the design ideas and inspiration for new products from the historical collections of Kaweco. He has also stated that the wish and request of the retailers is the same – that the uniformity is maintained. As for the continuing philosophy of the brand, Michael’s commitment is simple – to “guarantee the modern consumer a comfortable instrument with flawless function and outstanding, appealing design”.

For those who are numerically inclined, it will not be out of context to mention here that since 1994, the Kaweco Classic Sport has been the numero uno among the Kaweco Sport models in terms of the number of units sold, while the Al Sport model has been the number one in terms of profits generated. 

Kaweco Sport Piston filler

Kaweco in its long and distinguished history has seen a number of models that have not only fired the popular imagination, but continues to enjoy top of the mind recall in terms of sheer desirability. The Sport, the Elite, the Dia, the Liliput, the Supra, are all legends in their own functional spaces and can easily walk into any compendium of the best fountain pens made, ever! However, even among the winners, there is one that has very few parallels and dominates the annals of pen making – the Kaweco Sport, piston filler.

This pen was made in the 1970’s and was a raging hit in its day and is naturally a hugely collectible model, especially in view of the fact that it does not feature in the Kaweco catalogue anymore. As a matter of fact, Michel Gutberlet has often expressed his “dream” to do a Piston Sport, or a Kaweco piston fountain pen, which naturally adds to the desirability of the particular model.

Kaweco Sport Piston filler

Imagine my ecstasy, when I was handed over the Kaweco Piston Sport by another legend of the fountain pen industry – the owner of AP Limited Editions, in whose cupboard shines the Fountain Pen of the Year Award, no less! An avid collector and a lifelong lover of fountain pens, he also happens to be a personal friend of Michael Gutberlet and it is to him that the pen was gifted by no the than Michael himself! It is my honour and good fortune to now add to my collection this piece of history – it is not often that one possesses the very historic instruments that wrote history. Blessed, indeed, I am!

Kaweco Sport Piston filler

Mine comes with an EF nib and a body that blends into the grip as if it was expressly made for the hand of the writer. The pen, needless to say, is a vintage Kaweco with all the characteristic features that had initially propelled it to the top. It is well balanced, engineered to perfection, writes as though it is gliding through air and holds an inordinate amount of ink, belying its tiny size. The size also ensures the pen’s lightness of being, which in turn adds to the pleasure of long bouts of writing, almost forcing one to pick it up and write, even if just for the sake of holding it.

Kaweco logo

For all those who think things that are built for life have to be big, bulky and ugly, there is but only one answer: “Kaweco Sport”. Ask me for more and I will add “piston filler” to that!   

For more information about Kaweco: https://www.kaweco-pen.com

For buying Kaweco Pens in India visit: https://www.penspecials.com/     


2 Replies to “Kaweco Sport Piston filler – big things indeed come in small packages!”

  1. I love those vintage piston filler Kaweco Sport pens – too bad the modern versions are no longer piston fillers 🙁


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