Magna Carta Falmouth – the star-studded brilliance of the night sky!

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Magna Carta Falmouth – a fountain pen celebrating the Charter and the seat of learning.

The Challenge to make a fountain pen in India that is appreciated by connoisseurs around the world and is capable of earning the applause of the critics is a daunting one. Not only does it require craftsmanship of extremely high qualities, but presupposes the use of the best inputs, incorporation of the latest technologies and the uncompromising play of aesthetics but also calls for a dedicated, continuous backup of customer service. To put things simply, it is as much as the prowess to turn the pen, as it is about the ability to present it on the global stage and after the transaction is through, to address all issues and concerns of the customer.

Magna Carta Falmouth

One company that is consistently doing all these things, as many overseas experts point out, is Magna Carta which is head quartered in Mumbai and has its works in Jamnagar, Gujarat. As a matter of fact, it will not be an exaggeration to say that Magna Carta seems to have attained escape velocity and is launching one eye-candy after the other, fountain pens that are regularly making the cut, as they are both critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

Says Hiren Kanakhara, the man behind the phenomenon called Magna Carta “we are a family run organisation, where all eight members of our family are involved in the creation of each pen that we offer to the world. Quality concern is not a mere term with us, as we stake our family’s reputation on everything that we sell and that is reason why we have invested in creating the entire production line in-house”.

Magna Carta

The results of the investment – in machines and in terms of personal involvement – is obviously paying off. I may not be in a position to comment on the financials, but the Magna Carta pens are certainly winners by far and are capable of earning their place in any fountain pen lover’s heart. They have already curved out a niche in mine. 

Take the Magna Carta Falmouth for example. On the very first glance, it is capable of mesmerising one to pick it up and try. Made of metal with precision engraving that accords a near surreal glitter to the black PVD coated base, the pen is a rare combination of brawn and beauty, the PVD coating adding to the durability. That it is a cartridge converter with a stainless-steel nib that writes with a beautiful wet flow, is the brain that makes the troika complete. The chrome plated nib trim and other embellishments only accentuate its inherent beauty, not to mention the fact that such embellishments are not there for only for the visual appeal, but performs a designated function – the trim at the finial is threaded, for example, to help post the pen for those who wish to do the same.

Magna Carta Falmouth

Mind you, it not your average light weight. Without the cartridge / converter it weighs a solid 51 grams. Which makes it a contender in the heavy-weight category. For serious pen lovers and writers who wield their pens like swords, the weight is actually a manna from the heaven, as the pen kind of lends itself into the grip of the beholder. And the more one writes with it, the better and better it becomes acting not as an unwieldly appendage, but more like an extension of the palm. That it is a sheer pleasure to write with the Magna Carta Falmouth, need not be repeated.       

Technically too, the Magna Carta Falmouth is a champion. It is superb to grip and is very well balanced which makes a great companion of the marathon writer as it is less prone to induce fatigue. The materials used are sourced from around the world while all the machining is done in-house, which kind of assures one about the quality and the care that has gone into the pen. The nib and the converter are proprietary and Hiren Kanakhara is quick to add that his in-house nib-making facilities are now in an advanced stage and in the future all Magna Carta pens will be a hundred percent home-made, adding to their wholesomeness. Least I forget, the stunning designs that Magna Carta pens come in are no accident – they have a studio full of designers with capabilities straddling the entire gamut from artistry to engineering, who work on a daily basis to turn user feedback into classics that are taken forward into the production stage.

Magna Carta

The Magna Carta Falmouth is not a cheap pen by Indian standards at least. However, like they say, its price is well worth it. Considering the fact that like most Magna Carta offerings, the Falmouth too is more exported (that too in the advanced western countries, to the connoisseurs) than sold locally, is another strong argument in its favour.

An Indian made fountain pen that will fire the imagination of the world – has been a chimera that many have dedicated their lives to conquer. Well, it may sound like an exaggeration, but Magna Carta is seriously in contention. May the force be with you Hiren-bhai!

Technical Details:

Weight of the pen without cartridge and converter:   51 gram

Length unposted: 133 mm

Cap posted :  172 mm

Cap Dia : 15.25 mm

Barrel Dia :  14.00 mm

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