Lamy 25 P – some joys are forever!

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Lamy 25 P – the Pen equivalent of the Panzer.

Lamy fountain pens are ubiquitous. No list of best entry level pens is complete without the customary inclusion of the Lamy Safari. The Lamy 2000 on the other hand, is often considered as the best with a gold nib. The fact that it is Bauhaus, that it is one of the few objects of desire (or is it art?) that has never been subjected to a design overhaul, that it is made of Makrolon, that there are people who swear by it, are all secondary.

Lamy 25 P

Fact remains, Lamy is everything German – solid state, no-nonsense, engineered to perfection, lifetime performer. Little wonder that there are dedicated followers of Lamy, who have been smitten, not so much by the romance that the name invokes (it does?), as by its sheer ability to do the work, over and over again without even a squeak as it were.

I know of many people who are proud Lamy loyalists and it is for them I have today a surprise, a pen from the Lamy family, that is a pretty rare find, at least in these parts of the world, the Lamy 25P. A vintage, that shows neither signs of wear and tear, nor has its ability to perform like the champion that it is, been diminished by the burden of age.    

25 P from Lamy

The Pen proudly sports on its cap its model No 25P and the Nation of origin – W Germany. This immediately dates the pen between 1949, when the Federal Republic of Germany was founded and 1990 when Germany was reunified. Loyalists in the know swear that the pen was made in the 1970’s and the fact that the brushed steel body is married with brightly coloured cap and gripping section is an early indication that Lamy was seriously considering a move to attract the popular attention of the youth by offering a fun product that would appeal to the young at heart. As a matter of fact, one Lamy die hard went to the extent of calling the Lamy 25P as a precursor to the domain defining Safari range from Lamy which followed suit, though the Lamy 2000 and the Lamy Studio with their Makrolon and brushed steel bodies and accents, not to mention the look, feel and performance; also have many common features with this sibling. The P incidentally stands for “Patronen”, which is German for Cartridges. 

Lamy 25 P

The 25 P with which I am writing this piece is thus, at least, close to five decades old – not something that one can discern either by its looks or by the way it performs. It is one of those ink and flow pens that writes with all its glory the moment the converter (yes, it takes cartridges but mine has an original converter) is filled with ink. And how beautifully it writes. Suffice to say, when I see a pen write as beautifully as this Lamy does, I wish I had poetry in me to express the ecstasy that warms the cockles of my heart – “she writes in beauty, like the night, of cloudless climes and starry skies / and all that that’s best of dark and bright, meet in her aspect and her eyes…”.

25 P

The Lamy 25P is an extremely light pen and is a sheer delight especially for those who prefer the lightness of being. The capped length is 134 mm, while uncapped it is 128 mm. Posted it is 140 mm while in terms of girth it is a mere 10 mm in diameter at its widest. Form follows function, anyone? For the more militarily oriented at heart, it will not be an exaggeration to compere this pen the Panzer light battle tanks that had unleashed the blitzkrieg!

Lamy 25 P

Frankly speaking, I have never been a great fan of the Lamy Safari, always getting turned off by the pen, by some inexplicable reason. On the other end of the spectrum, the Lamy Studio and the Lamy 2000 are among my all-time favourites, with off-course the Lamy 2000 being my top gun. This Lamy 25P comes very close and I will very happily carry this to work any, or everyday of the week. Believe me, that is a lot to say for a fountain freak like me, one who has more pens than he will ever need and is still collecting.

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3 Replies to “Lamy 25 P – some joys are forever!”

  1. Dear chawm,
    I’ve just stumbled upon your posting regarding the cream colour 25P LAMY.
    I happen to have the precisely matching rollerball – “W. Germany”.
    If your’re interested, I can sell it for a decent price (?)
    I can send you pictures if you want.
    Erich, from Germany

  2. Beautiful. I inherited a LAMY 25P. Using a Parker FP Converter Standard (slide) manufactured in India 🙂


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