Renaissance from Click Aristocrat – a tribute to the Three Masters.

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Renaissance, literally meaning re-birth, was a period of feverish advancements in a number of fields including art, culture, politics and economics. But more than anything else, it was and continues to be known for the magnificent art that was created in the period, especially by the three masters – Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Raphael Sanzio.

What is little known however, is that the renaissance had done its phoenix from the fire of destruction that had devastated Europe and parts of Asia – the pandemic known as the Black Death (1347-50). Italy was amongst the worst sufferers in terms of sheer social, economic and human tragedy – wounds it had sought to heal with art, renaissance art, in the years that had followed.


The parallels between the world then and now are striking – lives and livelihoods have been lost beyond numbers; forced indoors, the mental scars on young and old alike defy comprehension; and the pall of grief, of helplessness, the shrouds the world is palpable. It was from a miasma of lost hope like this that the Renaissance had risen the last time around and there are many who are hoping, that the reawakening will repeat itself.

One man who is confident that a new dawn will break soon is Harsh Gagwani of Click, who is so optimistic, that he has already created a new line of fountain pens – a harbinger of the things to come – the Click Aristocrat Renaissance.


“We have created three tribute pens to the three great masters of the Renaissance and are calling them da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael” said Harsh Gagwani, who has been working tirelessly to popularise the fountain pen, especially among the young, as a potent weapon in the fight against mental woes. “Art heals. Writing heals. Creativity heals” he says. “And who better than a da Vinci or a Michelangelo or a Raphael to tell our young to seek solace in their creative urges”?

“The fountain pen is also the most sustainable writing implement – an invincible tool to fight against the twin menace of global warming and climate change, which can be squarely held responsible for the mess that we are in” says Harsh Gagwani, adding that “the new pens are therefore designed keeping in mind the taste and preferences of the young”.

The Renaissance is in fact an extension of the hugely lauded Click Aristocrat range, which is undoubtedly the most popular, mass-produced writing instrument in its segment in India. It is tried, tested and has been at the top for more than a decade since it was introduced.

In reverence to the Three Masters, the Renaissance is initially being made available in three barrel-colours of Orange, Red, and White. Black caps embellished with a steel clip and two equidistant centre band rings provide the pen with a sleek, yet understated elegance. The vibrant barrel colours, that is one removed from being fluorescent – the pen is made of Indian resins –  is sure to be a conversation starter, an eye-candy, if ever there was one.


All Renaissance Aristocrat pens are fitted with the trademark Click nibs that come in the widest range, covering the spectrum from F through M, B and BB apart from flex and are the standard 3-in-1 that that can take either converters or cartridges or can be used as a regular eye-dropper filler. There is further good news for the connoisseurs: nib units can also be customised and Harsh Gagwani, forever ready to cater to the whims and fancies of the fraternity, is just a phone call away for those who want to experiment further.

In the end, let me reiterate a few facts, especially for the newbies. Click was established in 1974 and has been in continuous production since then. It sells more Aristocrat pens in a month than many boutique fountain pen makers make in the full year, apart from being the chosen OEM for a number of overseas brands which are all testimonials to a single fact – Click takes its quality concerns damn seriously. So much so, that brands who get their pens made at Click facilities, repose their complete faith on the manufacturing expertise of this proud Indian manufacturer.  Yes, what I am saying is that Click pens are as good as they can possibly get and at the price points at which they are marketed, they are extremely good value for money. Don’t take my words for it, just remember that in terms of sheer numbers, Click is way ahead of the competition. And in a democracy, it is ultimately the numbers that matter.

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8 Replies to “Renaissance from Click Aristocrat – a tribute to the Three Masters.”

  1. The Pen Is a complete turned pen even the section is turned , the pen is little thicker than our Falcon Range and is very sturdy.
    As Click Pens are Known for Value For Money, The Click Aristocrat Renaissance is also a VFM pen. Any one who will physically see it they will agree with me on the above due to the feel and finish of the pen.

    Harsh @ Clickpens

  2. The Aristocrat Renaissance certainly looks impressive. All three colour combinations of the model are striking. If Click’s Falcon range is to be considered as a measure, then the Renaissance should certainly meet the high expectation it sets.

    A couple of points about accessories that Mr Gagwani should consider are: First, is making available sections with different nib tips, This will allow customers to try varying line widths without having to buy a whole new pen just for the sake of getting a different nib. And next, if possible introduce stub nibs; Click’s flex nibs, like most flex nibs fashioned from stainless steel, do produce line variation with pressure exerted on the pen, but this certainly does not match the ease of obtaining the same effect as is the case with a stub nib.

    Dang! With things like this, a man’s Fountain Pen Acquisition Syndrome only gets worse. But never mind, that – it’s a very harmless disorder.

    1. Dear Sridhar S,
      The Click Aristocrat Renaissance has screw in type nib units which could be interchanged even the new batches of Falcon and Aristocrat has Screw in type nib units , and yes we are also providing seperate nib units these 35no size nib units can even be interchangable with Falcon and Aristocrat .

      Regarding Stub nib we will be launching the above in stub nib also shortly.

      Harsh @ Click pens

      1. Dear Mr Gagwani,

        It is very encouraging that the new Falcon and Aristocrat ranges sport the threaded nib unit design that permits easy interchangeability. It is also reassuring to know that soon there will be Click Stub nibs.

        Imaginably, the details of these accessories will be published on your web site soon.


        Sridhar S

  3. But how do we get these pens? The website of Click pens does not display these and we cannot buy anything in the website.
    I wonder how to order these?


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