Sniper from ASA – Surgical strike of an academic kind

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Sniper – the weapon of mass creation from ASA pens.

ASA calls it the Sniper. And like a sniper, it aims to blend in, picking kills from a-far without blowing its cover. That explains the black matt body. It also explains the hooded nib, obviously an effort to ensure that the least amount of metal is exposed which may lead to the concealed position being compromised. The lack of a finial goes with the naming and the broad clip, is just that dash of cold metal resembling the gun’s barrel.

The company literature hopes that the instrument will be one that will be wielded to banish evil with words of righteousness, and in the hands of the writer, act as a weapon of mass creation. Kind of a pen being mightier than a sword which has since been replaced by a gun. Noble thought, that.

Whatever may be the military justification for the hooded nib, they make very good sense as writers. For one, they allow the pen to be clasped extremely low on and are ideal for those who have a grip that is down under, as near the nib as possible. Secondly a hooded nib means less exposure to the elements, which ensures that the ink does not dry out as fast as it does on pens with more traditional nibs. And finally, hooded nibs call for filler holes that are much lower ensuring an easy fill even when the ink hits the danger mark in the bottle or inkwell.

But what the heck? The ASA sniper looks cool and I guess that is what matters ultimately – the dapper, suave nib. In a body that is tall, dark and handsome to boot.

What do I say that has already not been said in appreciation? It is a conversation piece. The size just that shade bigger than the ordinary to ensure that the Sniper stand head and shoulder above the competition. The finish is delightfully coarse – just enough to ensure the secure grip without being anywhere near rough. However, for a pen its size, the Sniper is extremely light in weight and even when it is fully loaded, it does not cause a strain. It also has that rare quality the sets the winners apart from the riffraff  – the ability to blend into your grip. In all, the Sniper is indeed one that can tilt the scales. Robustly built according to a design that must have been the culmination of expertise blending perfectly with vision – it is indeed an eye candy with the instinct of a killer.


The ASA Sniper is a three-in-one, which means that it can be used as an eyedropper filler or with a cartridge or a converter. Pretty versatile for a mean machine designed for the kill – it is as effective spraying arguments as it is in delivering a well-chosen word, aimed at taking down the target with lethal accuracy. For those with a critical bent of mind, the standard issue is a Schmidt K5, which is the equivalent of a Kalashnikov M74 cartridge.

The nib unit too needs no elaboration – a Jowo number five threaded in that comes in a variety of options spreading across F, M, B, Cal 1.1 and Cal 1.4, which makes it cover almost the entire spectrum. They write well. Period. Just aim at the paper and pull the trigger and watch the Blitzkrieg unfold in front of your eyes.

I will not rant about the technical specifications as I am just an ordinary lover of fountain pens and am neither overtly bothered about the number of threads nor covertly concerned about the diameter of the filling tube. To me what matters is the looks, followed by the feel and the performance. On all three criterion the ASA sniper comes out trumps.

For a wordsmith, the pen is the ultimate weapon – for not only do our existence depends on it, it is also by it that we earn our victuals. Naturally, it must be fail proof and a weapon we can trust with our lives as so very often, our lives depend on it, literally. And I am making the ASA Sniper my weapon of choice. Guess, that would say a lot of things that would not warrant elaboration.

Subramaniam of ASA is one passionate guy, one who has attained escape velocity so far as weaving ebonite dreams go. The ASA Sniper, he himself admits, is another creation that makes him proud. I can see the proud owners around the world nodding their heads in approval. I for one am in complete agreement.

May your tribe increase.

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