Sulekha sings the freedom song, again!

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Sulekha starts producing Hand Sanitizers and Liquid Soap, joins the fight against Covid-19

In response to the call of the Government of India and Government of West Bengal, Sulekha has taken up the manufacturing of Hand Sanitizer and Liquid Soap. Necessary Drug License for Sanitizer production has already been obtained from the Drugs Control, West Bengal and production has started in full earnest.

Sulekha starts producing Hand Sanitizers and Liquid Soap joins the fight against Covid-19

Keeping in mind the financial difficulty being faced by the common people in this crucial time, the cost of the Sanitizer has been kept at Rs. 125 for 250 mL and the cost of Liquid Soap (250 mL) has been pegged at Rs. 65. It will not be out of place to recall that Sulekha has, since its very inception priced its products at a cost plus formula, as the founders had promised the Father of the Nation that they will supply ink to people at the lowest possible prices in keeping with the ideals of “Swadeshi”. 

Discounts are also being given to charitable organisations, NGOs and others who are supplying these items to the needy in bulk quantities, keeping in view the need to mobilise all our resources to fight the virus that is now running amok across the globe.   


Sulekha has always been in the forefront, whenever our Nation has faced calamities. And now, in these trying times, Sulekha has modified its production line to serve the country by offering two essential items at a reasonable price. An entity that was born out of the freedom struggle and has with single-minded devotion participated in the freedom struggle and served the Nation since then, Sulekha’s move comes as no surprise. “What Sulekha is doing today, is only on expected lines” said a highly placed company source who did not wish to be named as “Sulekha does not wish to reap advertising benefits by doing what it considers its duty”.      

In the near future, Sulekha also plans to bring out Face Masks, PPE and hand Gloves – for which the supply chain is in the final stages of development.

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