The 7th International Pen Festival, Pune is getting ready, are you?

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The 7th International Pen Festival, Pune is getting ready, are you?

The Pune Pen Show is fast approaching. Venus Traders, the one-stop destination for all things stationery in the city will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary, and what better way than to fire the crackers with a pen show, they thought. The result will be the 7th International Pen Festival, which is slated to be held at the Siddhi Garden & Banquet, Pune on the 21st and the 22nd of October, 2023.

The Two points that need to be stressed here, upfront, are:

One: Pune has always been a thriving center for fountain pen and ink aficionados. It will not be an exaggeration to state that it is Pune that drives the fountain pen and ink trade in the region, which is fueled by a huge population of discerning fountain pen lovers.

International Pen Festival, Pune

Two: Venus Traders, and the man behind the show, Surendra Karamchandani, are well-known names in the trade who are highly regarded by the fountain pen community, their contribution to ensuring the continued popularity of fountain pens held in high esteem by the fraternity. Venus Trader’s initiative of reaching out to school children and introducing them to the wonderful world of writing in general and fountain pens, in particular, is gratefully acknowledged in this regard.

Naturally, that the 7th International Pen Festival will be a huge hit, is almost a foregone conclusion. However, Surendra Karamchandani is not taking any chances and is leaving no stone unturned to ensure success. So far, about 75 brands, including renowned international ones, have already confirmed their attendance through the different entities representing them. “Some of the brands who have already confirmed their attendance will be coming to Pune for the first time,” said Surendra Karamchandani, “and it is a matter of great pleasure that we will be able to showcase their products to the fountain pen, ink, and stationery lovers in the city.”

International Pen Festival, Pune

As part of the show, various side events have been planned as well. Noted fountain pen mechanics will be there at the show who will address the repairing needs of the visitors. This is of a matter of great importance as many of us are in possession of pens that belonged to our ancestors, and are of huge sentimental value that we want restored for posterity, though finding the right person who can perform the job is often a challenge. If the Pen Festival in Pune can address this need alone, it will do a yeomen service to the fraternity.

Handwriting, lettering, and calligraphy artists of different hues too have confirmed their participation in the show. While the hard-core fountain pen aficionados and collectors throng at the pen and ink stalls like men possessed, many first times and curious onlookers visit the section where writers wow them with their flourish, often succeeding in winning lifetime converts to the hobby. The 7th International Pen Festival, promises to take the experience a step further by inviting a signature artist who will not only analyze signatures but will also help participants to perfect the way they write and affix their names.

Gaurav Kapoor, the latest sensation in the industry, who has taken India by storm with his hand-curved custom Jowo nibs, will also be there at the show and will showcase not only his creations but will give live demonstrations of his art. It is reliably learned that he will also accept a few assignments for customization.

Prof Yashwant Pitkar, one of the most respected names in the fraternity of fountain pen users and collectors says, “I cannot wait to be there at the 7th International Pen Festival, Pune. Pen shows in general are a great way of being in touch with the industry, sampling the latest that is on offer, meeting old friends, and generally enjoying spending time doing what one likes doing the best. The show in Pune is particularly tempting as it is in my neighborhood and because the organizers do such a wonderful job.” He should know, he has been a near regular to the earlier shows.

International Pen Festival, Pune

Says Surendra Karamchandali, “We have several exclusive editions that are slated to be launched at the show, which will be the high point. This, in addition to all the usual attractions that a pen show of this stature can offer, and are certain that visitors will have all their wishes satiated.” He should know – all the tablespaces have already been sold out.

The 7th International Pen Festival, Pune, promises to be a real blast. Mark the dates.