The India Pen Show (TIPS) Logo unveiled

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The India Pen Show – TIPS for the lovers of acronyms. Four letters that have been fused beautifully to represent the outline of a fountain pen in an ink bottle to form the logo of India’s first Fountain Pen Show. The presence of the fountain pen is self-explanatory, while the ink bottle represents the accessories – stationery, ink and all the paraphernalia that connoisseurs search even as they go about their quintessential search for the pleasure of and excellence in writing.

The India Pen Show (TIPS)

That the India Pen Show (TIPS) has been arrived at by arranging the letters, takes it to another level, making it a tribute to the art of calligraphy, which is the highest form of homage to the very act of writing, the instruments that aid the art of writing and the written word.

The India Pen Show (TIPS)

The India Pen Show could not have had a more representative logo, one that more profound in its communication. Naturally, the world of aficionados is grateful to Yusuf Pardawala, an artist and a lover of all pens fountain, who has created it in his own, inimitable minimalist style. Simple, direct and visually appealing, that says everything effortlessly without either being didactic or laborious and cliched.

The India Pen Show (TIPS)

Postage stamps that will be unveiled to commemorate the 1st India Pen Show and pendants have also been exclusively created which features the logo.

Fountain Pen lovers, collectors and visitors to The India Pen Show (TIPS) wishing to acquire souvenirs can visit:


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