Baystate Blue from Noodler’s

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There are very few inks that arouse the kind of extreme passion that Noodler’s in general and Baystate Blue in particular does.

Noodler’s is known (and loved) for a number of reasons. For one, it is all American, like it claims: from cap to glass to ink. It is also ethically priced (from the American socio-economic perspective), concerned as it is that ink should be priced right to give the fountain pen a fair chance in the fight against the use-and-throw pens that we all love to castigate. And thirdly because, and this is my personal view, Noodler’s is never found wanting when arguments break out around it – admittedly often trivial ones. It has been known to shoot from the hip.

Baystate Blue from Noodler’s

I keep receiving requests to show the Baystate Blue and I feel that this video has been long overdue. One, because I had exhausted my bottle and two because it just was not readily available with the dealers. I was finally able to buy one and here it is. Oh, by the way, I could not resist the temptation of buying the Noodler’s Empire as well, but that was just for the label and I guess I will do a detailed video of the ink at a later date.

Now for the ink. It has one of the brightest hues of blue that I have seen and the Baystate Blue reminds me of a clear, cloudless sky on a chilly winter morning as seen from the top of a mountain. The pollution-free sky, just the way Mother Nature, had intended it to look. And talking of nature, let me also point out that the ink is not only water-resistant but also forge-resistant (for the uninitiated, it simply means that these Noodler’s fountain pen inks resist all known tools of forgers, including solvents, lasers, and UV lights.)

But before we go on, here is a little word about water resistance. The dye in this ink is so strong that it not only resists water but also has the bad habit of straining most surfaces that it comes in contact with. This is particularly true for those fancy demonstrator pens that you may want to ink-up with the Baystate Blue: beware. The ink also leaves a strain on the nib feeds. Just bear this in mind before being too adventurous. But I guess since Noodler’s is American and after we end up paying the kind of money that we have to shell out to acquire these inks, a stain here, or a demonstrator with coloured innards there, are things that we are ever so willing to take in our stride. I only shudder to think what would have happened had this ink been manufactured by an Indian brand!

Baystate Blue from Noodler’s

Noodler’s for those of you who don’t know already, is a one-man operation run from a shed in Massachusetts. But there is no denying the fact that since its inception not so long ago (it was established in 2004) it has created an enviable reputation for itself worldwide, primarily for its extraordinary range of colours. Apart from an almost endless list of normal, standard inks, Noodler’s also has on offer a larger selection of permanent and specialty inks with useful and exotic properties that are almost impossible to find anywhere else.

In the final analysis then, do I recommend this particular ink? Well, I did buy it, did I not? But hang on. I am a fountain pen and ink freak and my purchase decision are mostly never rational. Before you go out to buy this ink, please note that the price is a huge deterrent and that the stain should be a dampener for any normal person. But that shade of blue. Damn me if I can’t scribble on paper with that!

Note: I had originally created this write-up to accompany the video that I have made for the channel. However, since so many reactions have come in from the viewers, and most seem highly passionate from either side of the ink, I am uploading it here on the blog so that it may reach a wider audience still.

Here is a link to the video should you want to check it out:

Baystate Blue from Noodler’s – YouTube


2 Replies to “Baystate Blue from Noodler’s”

  1. Dear Sir
    I read your blog regarding noodler ‘bay state blue ink. I want to ask one Question , is this ink work properly on 68gsm paper school classmate notebook both sides.
    Any bleed through, ghosting on paper etc. ?
    Please share your opinion/experience
    So that I will decide buy or not buy this ink.


    1. it is too expensive. besides, it is prone to exhibit some peculiar characteristics . i will suggest that you avoid it.


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