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Click Century Acrylic Fountain pens – redefining the priorities of the serious hobbyists!

The hobby of fountain pen collecting, of writing with one, suffers from a huge problem – that of elitism. Most hobbyists, at some time or the other, are trapped into the vortex of brands, waylaid into pursuing more and more expensive pens to enrich their collections. This naturally, leads to a situation where the fountain pens become objects of vanity as opposed to implements of illumination, instruments that end up catering only to the ego of the owner, vainglorious boasts, that are not only self-defeating, but actually end up doing more harm than good to the fraternity. For, if one were to look deeply, one would find such naked flaunting of wealth are the root cause of all the bad blood that is spilled in the community, apart from the hobby being labelled with the “elitist” tag that was mentioned earlier.

Click Century Acrylic Fountain Pens

Every “expert” I have talked to, both in India and abroad, warn against the never-ending trap of pursuing expensive pens for the sake of it, pointing out that such pursuit becomes an end in itself, where the hobby becomes secondary. Yes, there are “collectors” who buy expensive fountain pens, sometimes just to carry them to pen meets for ostentatious display, not particularly known to enjoy the sheer pleasure of either the hobby, or of watching the nibs dance on paper. Mind you, this is not to oversimplify things to an extent that it suggests that all “expensive” pens are bought only as “accessories”; or that buyers rarely use them, if ever; or even that the quality of such pens are never really tasted. Perish the thought. I have quite a few that I have acquired by paying a king’s ransom. All I am suggesting is that it is not the price (or the make) alone that maketh the pen!


Take one of my all-time favourite fountain pens as an example. I bought this ebonite stallion from Click last year in February and has been using it ever since. It has never burped, leaked or skipped a beat, always writing with its delightful wet flow. It is pleasing to the eye, sans as it is, of all flashy accoutrements and moulds into the grip, writing my mind faster than one can Click on the device of their choice. It may be stretching it a bit too far, but an Ebonite fountain pen is as close as one can get the eternity, their lives extendable to three generation easily, if they are well looked after.

I must admit, I am prejudiced and the reasons are not far to seek. Click is as Indian as you and me and I am naturally (read nationally) inclined towards them and their products. At the price points in which Click pens are generally available, they are well within the reach of the average lover of Fountain Pens and are especially a blessing to the young users. The pens are no-nonsense products, write the moment they are inked and are very robust in quality and make – each pen a testimonial of the fact that Click has been making pens from way back in 1978, when most of the current crop of fountain pen lovers were not even born!

Click Falcon Ebonite Fountain Pens

Take the latest line from click for example – the Click Century Acrylic Fountain pens which were unveiled at the Global Pen Expo 2020, Ahmedabad. The pens are made of Acrylic Turning and come in eight stunning colours inspired by marble, granite and other natural stones. The design, a typical Click, is simple, functional and Bauhaus (without restricting itself to the mandatory and cliched red, yellow and blue geometric shapes).

The pens come fitted with 5.5 nib and are 3-in-1’s, capable of being used as eyedropper fillers, or taking cartridges and converters. Fine, Medium, Broad and Flex nibs are available to address the quirks of the individuals. What is striking is that the pens are made available at a princely sum of Rs 1400 each!

the display at Global Pen Expo Ahmedabad

For all those running after the Chimeras let me tell you why I am such a die-hard Click fan and while many prefer to flaunt their imported luxury pens, I flaunt my Click with equal chutzpah! Click many don’t know, is an OEM – one who makes pens which are sold by name-brands abroad. In terms of quality, what the sell in India is not only comparable, but certainly better than many of the trinkets we are induced to buy. Four decades of experience – and the ability to have withstood some of the worst times for the fountain pen are testimonials of not only Click’s quality but also its perseverance.

Click Century Acrylic Fountain Pens

What needs to be definitely highlighted is the fact that Click as an entity is one that adheres to its core values steadfastly. That is why, neither are their pens glittery, nor do they hide behind attractive packaging and advertising – choosing to let their products do the talking. As a socially responsible corporate entity, Click believes in fair pricing – choosing to price their products at a cost-plus basis instead of pushing their ware depending upon the market’s ability to sustain a given price.

Read my lips as I say this – Click Century Acrylic Fountain pens, when compared Apples to Apples, are way better than many (read most) of their expensive cousins, functionally and aesthetically. And yes, I am talking about all the pens that are currently made in India and most of the “phoreign” eye candies that we ogle at.

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2 Replies to “Click Century Acrylic Fountain Pens – Garv Se Kaho”

  1. I just love click brand..i have most of their collection and it never fail to are right on to the point as fp for a hobby.

  2. I agree totally with u dada. Click just like kanwrite are the most underrated indian pen makers. I have thier click which i had bought for 950/- plus . It is so smooth& beautifull inspiye of being an ED . No burping issues at all . Best of luck to them for more innovations


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