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The Opus 88 Interview – Michel Hsu talks exclusively to Inked Happiness.

The rise and rise of Taiwanese pen maker Opus 88 has been gravity defying. The entity has swiftly moved into the lexicon of discerning fountain pen lovers around the world, established its brand in the discerning space and has curved out a niche as one offering quality products at reasonable prices – all in one fell swoop.


The man behind the brand Michael Hsu is a workaholic who not only dares to dream big but is also willing to stake his all to ensure their achievement. The success story that is today Opus 88, is solely due to his hard work, perseverance and a never-say-die attitude which has ensured that the brand chart its glory trail against odds that were often insurmountable on the face of it.

Like all achievers, Michael Hsu is a man of a few words, choosing to let his actions speak louder than his words. Here he answers the questions we had for him, with his typical nonchalance. Excerpts:    


Q1. What are the major reasons behind the spectacular success of Opus 88? Could you foresee when you had started, that one day you will attain this cult status?

Michel Hsu . Majorly my intense interest in all the fine writing instruments created by predecessors in the industry. No, I didn’t foresee the status although I expected success as all hard-working people do.

Opus 88

Q2. On the one extreme are the high-end, legacy Fountain Pen manufacturers on the other is the mass produced, replica pens. Have you created your own middle ground consciously? How big is this market? What are its main drivers?

Michel Hsu . The main driver is my love of art and creativeness. All that we have done were certainly done consciously. Mass production is not my aim and against my principles.

Opus 88

Q3. From your vantage point, do you see a revival in the demand for fountain pens? How does the industry look to you? What are the major threats before it? Opportunities?

Michel Hsu: However, trends might change when some of the brighter guys start to feel the relief and elevation of writing with nice instruments instead of tapping fingers on cold keyboards or screens.

Opus 88

Q4. What are your immediate plans for the future? Are there any specific plans for India?

Michel Hsu: There’s no immediate plans. But I will respond to any stimulus the future will provide.

Opus 88

Q5. How big is the Opus business in terms of numbers? Do you have plans to scale up? Perhaps open new manufacturing facilities? How do you propose to tackle quality issues once you go for the numbers?

Michel Hsu: Let me keep the numbers confidential and I only plan to scale up quality and not quantity.

Opus 88

Q6. Anything that you would like to communicate to the innumerable fountain pen lovers who swear by Opus?

Michel Hsu: I do appreciate all lovers of my pens for their appreciation that encourages me to move further forward.

For More information: http://www.jingi.com.tw


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