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A new socio-economic order is all set to rise from the ashes of the lockdown and the coming era will be marked by the leadership of a fresh crop of leaders – princesses and princes who will seize the dawn. The good news is that the Sceptres that will accord legitimacy to their ignited, knowledge-led authority, their sovereign benevolence, their magical abilities to champion the causes that are just,  are ready, created painstakingly by the Moscow based architect of writing instruments fit for royal patronage – BENU pens.

BENU Scepter

In the little time since their inception in January 2016, BENU pens, founded by Alex Semanin and Kate Dmitrieva, have curved out a distinct niche for themselves in the hearts of the writing instrument connoisseurs with their distinctive styling and painstaking attention to quality. In a world of the staid, BENU creations are like a breath of pure, fresh air, that too in a riot of youthful colours that represent a unique, some say trademark, joie de vivre, a zest for life that the modern aficionados relate with. It will not be out of place to stress one important fact here –  BENU’s contribution in the metamorphosis of the fountain pen from an mere instrument of functionality to that of an accessory, a piece of art to be carried around, flaunted and used for the sheer pleasure of it, has not been insignificant by any stretches of the imagination.

BENU Scepter

At BENU, every piece is handcrafted, in its in-house facility where only the best inputs from around the world are used, to create masterpieces that can find the adulation of the audience in any part of the globe. Even if one was to gloss over the confluence of Khokhloma artistic sensibilities and Tsarist precision, the sheer vibrancy of BENU’s art is stunning to put things mildly. What is even more remarkable is the fact that the creative process at BENU is not straight-jacketed by predictability as they continue to spring one completely fresh piece of thought, comprehensive in its inventive excellence after the other – ever testing the limits of imagination, disdainfully sneering at the ordinary.       

BENU Scepter

Take the BENU Scepter collection for example. From Agamemnon in Homer’s Iliad through the Pharaohs of Egypt to Gandalf the White the Sceptre, as a staff of divine influence has been one of folklore’s (and history’s) most potent symbols. Being synonymous with Regal authority, that it will be bedecked with the heights of contemporary creativity, too is well within the realms of acceptability. But to take that Sceptre, freeze it into a fountain pen, re-imagine the contours in keeping with the functional needs and provide it with a lustre that is fit to adorn the grasp of a thought leader of tomorrow – that, is what sets BENU apart. The fact that the Scepter follows the earlier, again hugely successful, offering from BENU, one in which it paid tribute to the Tattoo as an art form only goes to refurbish the point – BENU, is simply class apart.

BENU Scepter

BENU Scepters are made from the finest quality resins and sport a helical faceted design that accords it an understated elegance – just enough to be the conversation piece it is designed to be, perhaps even to provoke an outburst of creativity with its blue-blooded vibrancy. However, what is important, is that the BENU attention to detailing is writ large on the pen as it incorporates an ergonomic design which is aimed at ensuring long periods of comfortable, fatigue-free writing. The superb balance of the pen and the weight, that is just the right shade of heavy for “normal” hands are also facts that go in its favour. As is de rigueur with BENU offerings, the Sceptre is also available in a number of vivacious colours and textures. The dampener, if one can term it as such, is perhaps the fact, that the screw-in cap of the BENU Scepter cannot be posted. But then again, I have never been one to post my pens, so I am not complaining. Besides, the capped length of the pen at 133 mms, is fairly standard and the helical shape is not really inducive to posting.

As is the norm in BENU, the converter, cartridges and nibs are outsourced. Naturally, here too, considering the fact that compromise is a term that does not feature in the BENU dictionary, only the best that is available is used. The Scepter for example, comes with a Schmidt #5 nib which comes in choices of EF, F, M and B. The pens take standard large international size converters and 72 mm ink cartridges.

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  1. These pens are really so beautiful. Truly marvelous. The design and work on them is just outstanding. They really look amazing.


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