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Benu presents the Tattoo: a pen so appealing that it is bold enough to create art on its skin!

The tattoo as an art form has taken the shape of a deluge and world over it has not only shed its association with the fringe – Popeye and Gang allegiance – but has actually gone mainstream. Today tattoos are not only viewed as creations that are near permanent testimonials, but have won widespread acceptance as a medium for creative outbursts. Naturally, it was just a matter of time before tattoos made the transition from being a mere body-art to the world of writing instruments, and thank Heavens that the time has arrived!

Benu Tattoo black
Benu Tattoo black

It is also but natural that the tattoo, featured on the body of a writing instrument is presented to the world by Benu pens. Natural, as Benu is at the very forefront of the movement that considers the body of the pen its canvas, to give vent to its artistic energies. It is also natural as Benu is one of the few entities around the globe that has, in the short span of its being, curved out a distinct niche for itself,with a dedicated fan following that swears by the Moscow based, concept driven, handmade pen turning brand Benu’s name.

Benu Tattoo yellow

The Benu Tattoo is a breathtakingly beautiful pen which sports straight lines and is made of the finest resins, on which the hand made designs have been painstakingly brought into relief by colour patinating. The ring and clip are of stainless steel in keeping with the overall aesthetic appeal of the pen. It houses an almost de rigueur stainless-steel Schmidt nib (FH 452, size #6) which comes in choices of F, M and B and accommodates the equally no-nonsense international standard, long cartridges or converters. When capped the length of the pen is 143 mm, and posted, it is 175 mm. The pen weighs, with the converter, 27 grams, which makes it, kind of ideal for standard hands used to long bouts of writing. The gripping section diameter of 11 mm is another huge plus as the pen is a sheer pleasure to hold and write with, making it as near fatigue free as possible.

Benu Tattoo yellow

However, it is the design that makes it the killer “must-have” that it is. The Tattoo from Benu features elements that are eternal – designs that may have originated in the misty past, but are as relevant to the modern users in the digital ages as they were, when they were originally conceived, often incorporating essential high notes that have sipped in over the years as the icons have evolved.

Benu logo

Each Benu Tattoo pen incorporates as many as eleven timeless tattoo elements that are not only symbolic in their purport but may also hold unique messages as the pens blend into the lives of the beholders. The gun, the sun, the nautical star, the wind rose compass, the snake, the skull, the swallow, the rose, dice, fire n’ flame and the Benu logo in a typical ribbon banner have all been brilliantly incorporated into the basic design of the pen. Visually, to say that the Benu Tattoo will be a great leveller – appealing equally to the mainstream wielder of the pen and the ones from violent fringes will not be an exaggeration.

Benu Tattoo red

The bold lines that charecterise tattoos and their strong affinity to the world of the seamen (not to mention the irresistible romance of the sea) have been dazzlingly brought to life by the designers at Benu. The tattoo pens are perhaps, as much a tribute to Sailor Jerry of the United States Navy (whose work in the early 1900’s continues to be the staple for modern tattoo artists to draw sustenance from) as they are art in their own sake. To own one, is to love one, for like the tattoo on one’s skin, the Benu Tattoo is not skin deep, though it leaves its mark forever.

Benu Tattoo gray
Benu Tattoo gray

In parting, a few words about Benu. Some masters have this thing about scaling the pinnacle of creativity but still have a kind of innocent playfulness about their work. Their appeal streaming as much from their simple elegance as from the sheer extent and span of their work. Benu’s creations have this intoxicating quality – each a conversation piece, without being didactic. Each, a work of art that refuses to take itself and life seriously, laughing at conventions that border on the ridicule, but in a mirthless, loving way. It is not for nothing that I feel that Benu is one of the best things that has happened to the art of pen-making in a long, long time.

Benu Tattoo blue
Tattoo blue

Keep up the great work Benu, in a world of geriatrics, you are youth incarnate, you are tomorrow!

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4 Replies to “Benu Tattoo – the cesspool of creativity”

  1. Thanks for your review! This is one of my favorite pens. It writes beautifully; never a hard start. And while I’m not crazy about many of the sparkly Benu designs, this non-sparkly pen is just spectacular in its art, design, and craftsmanship.


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