British Deputy High Commissioner dedicates RYTOL Pens to J’s La Quill Museum.

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J’s La Quill Museum adds another quill in its cap, launches the Handwriting Consortium

Honourable Dominic McAllister, the British Deputy High Commissioner unveiled a set of 7 pens created by Rytol Pens especially for the J’s La Quill Museum in a ceremony on August 9th, 2019.

J’s La Quill Museum
From L Mr. Sreenath Vishnu, Prof. K.C.Janardhan,Mr. Dominic- Mc Allister.

The pens, christened the Cosmic Series have been personally hand-turned by Ace Pen turner and Aficionado, Sreenath Vishnu, the founder of RYTOL Bespoke Luxury Pens. The pens were handed over to the Maestro Prof. K.C. Janardhan, the founder of the J’s La Quill Museum of Handwriting, Lettering, Calligraphy and other Writing Instruments.  Mr. Sreenath said the pens are a tribute to Maestro K. C. Janardhan’s contributions and achievements in the field of handwriting.

J’s La Quill
Maestro K C Janardhan admiring a Rytol pen

The programme was conducted by Bharath Mehta of Barton & Sons and toastmaster Arjun Raj Urs – leadership trainer. Media Wizard Rajnath Kamath; Ace Formula One team Manager Nadeem; Prof Dr Srivathsa, management consultant, vedic mathematics expert and homeopath ; Ravishankar from the House of Raymonds; Sahadeva, HR head of Toyoda Gosei; Bharati Singh Founder-CEO of SA-MUDRA Foundation; Kiran Addala of J.Brown, London; James McAllister a student of fonts from a UK university; Seshu Meda of Bhaskar & Bhaskar a Camlin distributor; Harsh Makkar, iron merchant and pen collector; Michael Patrao senior journalist and educationist; Sudheer Ramachandran, author, were among the dignitaries who graced the occasion. Celebrity Pen blogger, Suvobrata Ganguly who had travelled from Kolkata to join the dedication ceremony was also present.

Mr. Dominic McAllister speaking on the occassion

In his speech during the dedication ceremony the Honorable Dominic McAllister, the British Deputy High Commissioner said “I have known K.C.’s (Maestro Prof. K.C. Janardhan) passion for the last four years. It is very important to have museums such as this. In England there are small localised museums that play an invaluable function of highlighting the history and culture. It is not often in India, we see such museums. J’s La Quill is a great example for the larger city of Bangalore, to know what is special about this place. Today is an auspicious day, where we have knowledge followed by money coming to the museum, and to make sure that the museum prospers for a longer time.”

‘The Handwriting Consortium’- A platform that will seek to bring together writers, calligraphers, pen & ink manufacturers, stationers and collectors, was launched on the occasion. The Consortium will seek to work towards furthering the cause of handwriting, especially as a potent tool against the digital damnation of young lives.

J’s La Quill Museum

Inspired by the Hindu Astrological Scholars, and Vedic Masters, the RYTOL Cosmic Series Pens assigns a colour to each day of the week based on the colour of the deity who protects the day of Navagraha. Indian astrologers believe that the clues to the colours of the week come from the Sanskrit names of the planets and the corresponding deities associated with them. Sunday is Ravivar- Ravi being the Sun God or Surya. Hindus believe that this God presides over Sunday. Likewise, Chandra or Soma is associated with Somvar or Monday and is the Sanskrit name of the Moon God. Mangala is the Sanskrit name for planet Mars which influences Tuesday or Mangalvar. Budha (not to be confused with Buddha) is the God associated with Wednesday and also the Sanskrit name for Mercury. Brihaspati is the regent of Jupiter and associated with Thursday or Guruvar. Friday is linked with Shukra, or Venus Shani represents Shanivar or Saturday and is the son of Surya embodied in Saturn. Both Thai and Indian cultures recommend choosing colours of the clothing based on these associations. 

J’s La Quill Museum
Sreenath Vishnu with the Rytol Cosmic Series pens

Sreenath Vishnu, scion of the Brahmin’s Group, Kerala, was bitten by the pen turning bug, which took him to Ronald K Caddy, the Master Pen maker from Hampshire, United Kingdom from whom Sreenath has learnt the art of Pen Turning. Ronald K Caddy is the custodian of the ancient art of hand turning Pens perfected over several generations and passed on to a select few by expert artisans. Rytol, the premium brand established by Sreenath Vishnu makes bespoke luxury writing instruments that are not only crafted to reach the pinnacle of beauty but are also imbued with quality made to last.

 J’s La Quill Museum
British Deputy High Commissioner dedicates RYTOL Pens to J’s La Quill Museum

“Thank you for being there at J’s La Quill to witness the event and meet my well wishers” said Prof Janardhan. “I am grateful to Sreenath Vishnu,  who was magnanimous enough to personally hand turn these pens amidst his globe trotting busy business schedules. In today’s world….it calls for a large heart of a person to dedicate pens worth 2.5 lakhs. I must mention that earlier he had given me a Rytol Chairman’s Fountain Pen worth Rs.40,000. I owe many thanks to the British Deputy High Commissioner Dominic Mc Allister who was kind enough to do the honours with his gracious presence and his encouraging speech”.

J’s La Quill Museum
Honourable Dominic McAllister, the British Deputy High Commissioner, Suvobrata Ganguly and Prof KC Janardhan

“I am very glad that the museum is heading in the right direction with such philanthropic contributions, graced by erudite, suave ,intellectual personalities and diplomats from various nations” added Prof Janardhan. 

Sreenath Vishnu and Prof Janardhan intensely listening to Dominic McAllister’s moving words.

“I am sure  that the  future generations will become richer in the knowledge and skill of Handwriting, Lettering and Calligraphy and uphold it in the true letter and spirit! I am grateful to each one of them, whose presence made the great difference”.

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31 Replies to “British Deputy High Commissioner dedicates RYTOL Pens to J’s La Quill Museum.”

  1. We at #Rytol take it as a privilage; We reserve our sincere gratitude to Prof KCJ for giving us an opportunity to dedicate Rytol Cosmic Series Pen Set to your Museum. Its a tribute to you for dedicating your entire life for handwriting and pens . Special gratitude to Chawm for your esteemed presence during the event

  2. Congratulations Janardhan, speaks volume if someone were to present 7 signature hand made collector item pens in the presence of British High Commissioner.

  3. Writing and fancy personalised pens should be brought back into fashionable passions!! Congratulations Janardan and thank you Vishnu for facilitating this!! Will surely visit the museum when I return to India.. Great honour to all of us that British Deputy High Commissioner, from the land of great writers like Shakespeare, MIlton, Coleridge, Words worth, Shelly and Keats who worshipped their quills, came and visited J’s La Quill Museum in our beautiful city of Bangalore!! May God bless you, dear J to have many more such brilliant occasions with luminaries from across the world!!

    – Jija Hari Singh, Former Director General of Police, Karnataka. President of Art Mantram.

  4. So happy Janardhan at the turn of events.May God shower with prosperity in addition to the name and recognition
    K V Muralidharan
    Past President – Indian Epilepsy Association, Bangalore

  5. Being you friend since school days I know how sincere you are in what you do. What you have achieved is a significant accomplishment that undoubtedly requires dedication and hard work. I wish you more success in the coming years. All the best!

  6. Was happy to be part of this elegant event KC. God give you more strength to get on with your passion for pen work restoration 🙂

  7. Hats off to your contribution and efforts to keep handwriting alive. Wish you all the very best for your endeavors.

  8. the more i read about Prof Janardhan here, the more impressed i get. his achievements are monumental and though the mainline media has largely been silent about his achievements, that he has prodded on with single minded devotion to the cause, is worthy of emulation. i must thank the people behind inked happiness for continuously giving him the kind of exposure he deserves. i pray to the almighty that Prof Janardhan continue his good work. and may you wonderful people at inked happiness continue to tell us about them.

  9. Dear Shrink,
    If you have come to know about me through this blog I am thankful to Chawm. It gives me immense pleasure to read your words of encouragement with your genuine interest. I am glad that the purpose of my life has been cruising along very well. I have much more to achieve and reach out with the right information to empower interested people in these days of dilution of the true form of Handwriting, Lettering and Calligraphy and restore it in its pristine glory for posterity. With good wishes and positivity emanating from people like you, it gives me greater strength to reach many more summits before I sleep.

  10. Congratulations Jana. Your sustained focus in your chosen field of calligraphy is commendable. I applaud you and the people who have been supporting you all along in your field. Wishing you all success in enhancing the quality of hand writing among youth in this digital era.

    1. Dear Subbu,
      Nice to hear those kind words from you, my dear classmate you have watched me from close quarters for many years but now far away in the paradise of earth called Auckland. It gives me greater joy coming from a Cricket coach who is enhancing the quality of Cricket in New Zealand. I hope the schools in New Zealand are continuing to encourage the habit of Good Handwriting.


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