Writeway unveiled: the right way to write well!

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Writeway: the ecommerce site that serious hobbyists and lovers of fine writing, not to mention fountainpen and ink fanatics were waiting for!

The last two years have witnessed a steady shift of consumer preferences for contact-less, digitised shopping, as more and more people have opted for ecommerce. This shift has been particularly pronounced in the writing instruments and stationery segment – the demand, in no less measures, being fuelled by a population forced indoors and largely overwhelmed by a digital overload.

Says Tushar Vaghela, force multiplier behind some of the most iconic writing instrument brands in India, “the demand for quality writing instruments, especially from among the young has never been so strong as it is now”. What followed naturally was a demand for a no-nonsense platform where such young (and old alike) could source their requirements from, that too at reasonable prices. Tushar Vaghela, for ever the hard-nosed businessman, spotted the opportunity and voila: we have the www.writeway.in.

“Writeway is a one-stop destination for stationery lovers” says Tushar Vaghela, “we offer everything – from the super-premium Sailor Fountain pens which occupy the pride of place in any serious fountainpen lover’s bucket list to the every-day-carry pens. As a matter of fact, we have included 40 plus brands selected from around the world that cover almost the entire price spectrum: these include among others Cross, Conklin, Diplomat, Lamy, Montblanc, Parker, Pelikan, Sheaffer and Waterman. We have also created a special section “Vocal for Local” where we have an India specific corner comprising of Click pens, Krishna Inks, Elan folders and My Paper Clip Note books”.


However, the main draw of Writeway remains the fact that it is the to-go destination for Japan’s premium Ohto writing instruments. For the uninitiated, Ohto was established in 1919 and has, over the last hundred plus years, built for itself an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of quality writing instruments that have won appreciation from all corners of the globe. Known for their simple functionality, robust make, visual appeal and user-friendliness, Ohto writing instruments have an unstated elegance that defy time. Ohto, which is synonymous with advancements in research and technology has, to its credit a number of firsts – including, the first pencil shaped chrome ball point pen made in Japan, the world’s first tungsten carbide ball point pen, the first ball pen refill, the first ballpoint pen using water-based ink, the rubber gripped ballpoint pen, the ceramic roller pen and the revolutionary fude ball free ink roller pen among others.


What is separating Writeway from the n-number of other ecommerce platforms in the world wide web is not only the convenience of a wide choice, but also the advantage of very aggressive pricing, which off-course is backed by very prompt service. Says Tushar Vaghela, “customer satisfaction is our single point agenda and we will do everything to ensure that we have our customers coming back to the platform. For, when a customer comes back, he / she makes the transition from being a business acquaintance to a relative”. Naturally, the underlying philosophy is unbeatable – for repeat customers are not only easy to retain but have also been known to loosen their purse strings with lesser effort!

Says Hethal Prajapati, an Ahmedabad based design professional who has long been a fountain pen fanatic, “I was really impressed by the spread that has been brought together by Writeway. The prices are competitive and the service, though within the city limits, was literally overnight the first time I bought a pen. The website is highly addictive and I find myself going back for more acquisitions, slowly moving up the price curve”.

Tushar Vaghela should know. He has been in the writing instruments business for many, many years now and knows a thing or two about consumer psychology, just the way he understands how important it is to maintain proper business relationships with the producers. It will not be out of context to mention here that the very first Global Pen Show that he had organised in Ahmedabad before Corona had hit everything for a six, was a huge hit, with presentations from virtually the who’s who of India’s writing instrument fraternity.

“So, what’s next” I ask and Tushar Vaghela warms up, “we are honestly overwhelmed by the response that Writeway has generated so far. We have also been inundated by a number of requests from the buyers and are in the process of going through them to stock the brands that are being sought. Many fountain pen lovers, for example, have requested that we stock high quality genuine leather carry cases and we are in the process of adding SAY.FP in our list of available brands. Similarly, talks are on with some other established brands which we will continue to introduce in a progressive manner.”


“I do not see Writeway just as a mere ecommerce platform” continues Tushar Vaghela. “We would also like to see us as one that is more than a meeting place for serious hobbyists and lovers of fine writing. We want to create a niche for ourselves in the hearts of our buyers, where they can get their queries addressed – towards which end, the initial content for our blog is being prepared. Besides, we also want to look at ourselves as facilitators – where pen, ink and stationery lovers can congregate on the one hand and where manufacturers, especially of Indian products, can showcase their inventiveness, all in a seamless environment at the most competitive prices”.

Beat that!

For More information contact: https://writeway.in/


4 Replies to “Writeway unveiled: the right way to write well!”

  1. Tuushar Vaghela’s journey is awesome from the days of Ahmedabad Pen Show. Wish him luck for this digital endeavours

  2. Ordered a Click Renaissance Ebonite FP, Gold trims with Fine tipped nib from https://writeway.in. Vide the Order No. : WW-261-1661493437, Order Date: August 26, 2022. Till date, no updates received about the pen or shipping details.

    The contact details provided on the website are fake, the phone number (+91 9054168772) is not in service, WhatsApp messages to this phone number are not delivered and the email address (support@writeway.in) does not exist.

    People be careful when you’re placing orders with them, do not waste your hard-earned money purchasing on this website

    @Tushar Vaghela, Please update the order status and let me know when you ship it and the shipping details. Else refund the amount Rs. 1650/-.

    Thank you.


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