Bourbon – Benu raises its glass to celebrate the intoxication of creativity, unveils new fountain pen!

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Bourbon. The House of Bourbons were a European dynasty of French origin. How they lent their name across the continent to America’s most potent brew is however, another story. Suffice to say, distilled from a mash made primarily of corn, Bourbon, to the world at large, is the American for firewater, American whiskey is you may. When Russia’s all-star fountain pen maker, BENU dedicates a fountain pen to Bourbon, it is therefore, not only an intoxicating proposition, but also one that is a whacky smack on the side of globalisation’s hedonistic head! Me celebrating the launch of Benu Bourbon in Kolkata India, naturally making it even more potent.

Made from a rich, warm shade of amber with a million rays of gold and just a touch of cherry red, the Bourbon pen is a spectacular new addition to Benu’s Euphoria line. The Benu Euphoria is a celebration of everything that makes the heart exalt – be that a musical composition that mesmerises, a painting that enthrals, a drink that flows like the elixir of life, or a fountain pen that crystallises thoughts for an eternity.

Bourbon from Benu

Coming from the boutique house of Benu, one immediately knows what to expect from the spirit that is known to celebrate ecstasy in its purest, most pristine and unadulterated forms. The material is unique as, like everything else Benu, it is mostly hand crafted inhouse for the best results. From the design to the final finish, every person involved in the crafting of a Benu product is an enthusiast who has, according to their own confession, staked the heart to leave an individual mark in the history of pen making. The nibs, the feed, the converter – the three pillars on which rests the superstructure of a fountain pen’s ability to write smiles – are all internationally acknowledged and appreciated by connoisseurs. The form and the functionality of each Benu pen – and trust me I have used many, many of them – are all ideally chiselled, so at to make that subtle transition from the merely good to the great. Suffice to say, the Bourbon is no exception.

The Moscow based Benu, since the time it has burst into our consciousness like a comet on the far horizons, has never ceased to enthral the fountain pen and desk accessories fanatics around the world. Known for their vivid colours and bold, on-your-face designs, Benu creations are, at the lowest echelons a celebration of life while on the highest, they have a dimension that is purely eclectic. I am yet to draw a Benu pen out of my pocket and not start a conversation and it won’t be an exaggeration to state that yes, I have seen jaws drop as well. However, the physical attraction aside, the pens are extremely robust writers and irrespective of how long one uses a Benu to write continuously, they remain totally fatigue free, such is their construction. And the pleasure of writing with a Benu? Well, I would rather that one tries one out, for some joys are way beyond words and have to be experienced.

Bourbon from Benu

Another thing that makes Benu pens an eternal favourite of mine is the way they add just that dash of naughty playfulness in the serious business of writing well. Benu pens are far removed from the straitjacketed world of the classic black fountainpens that seem to take themselves a dash too seriously. But Benu somehow does not go to the other extreme, to the extent it looks or feels frivolous. Quite on the contrary, they exhibit the enigma that characterises the soft sfumato of Lisa del Giocondo’s smile. The mind is known to trip in their presence, mine certainly does.

The way Benu weaves a complete narrative around its creations is another reason why they have created the kind of cult following that they have within the short span of time in which they have existed. Each pen comes replete with a story that somehow adds layers of romance to their creations: sometimes adding a backdrop that enthrals with its sheer serenity and scale while at others, creating the perfect mood by a clever and masterly play of colours, of light and shade.

Bourbon from Benu

The Bourbon is no exception – the colours and the sheer madness of the spirit on the one hand appeals to instincts that are basic, while at the same time urging the mind to take the voyage to vodka country from which this homage is unveiled. What intemperance, what inebriation will the pen hold and perhaps pass on to the writing that pours out of it? Will it be more potent as it writes, while the writer nurses another Bourbon, albeit of a less celestial kind, on the other hand? Will the words that splash out of its nibs be as forceful as the drink the pen is named after?

Well, I don’t know the answers. Not yet. For I have started on the voyage of Bourbon binge! za lyubof’

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