BENU creates the Peacock Pen – from the Stone of Happiness

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BENU Peacock – some pleasures are indeed forever, especially when Venus and Mars merge forces in a fountain pen!

The peacock enjoys a place in the Indian psyche that no other- bird or beast – can claim to occupy. Lord Krishna, adorns his headdress with its plume and Indian folklore is full of references to the peacock, in equal measures of love and reverence. The Buddha is said to have been one in an earlier reincarnation and Lord Rama, was said to have been entertained by dancing peacocks during his exile. Tribes and cities have been named after the peacocks, mighty kingdoms have crafted their seals influenced by the peacock’s plumage with art and architecture is full of their depiction. It is from time immemorial that this obsession with the peacock is continuing – the Harappan civilisation (2500-1500 BCE) had used the peacock as a recurring theme in their jars and other artefacts, while Buddhist stupas in Sanchi and Bharut show peacocks motifs in welcome poses, to cite just two examples.


But the greatest of them all was off-course the Peacock throne of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. This extravagant throne, even by Moghul standards, it is said, had cost twice as much as the Taj Mahal. Fashioned from an untold amount of gold, encrusted with jewels scoured from the far ends of the world and crafted by artisans whose expertise was almost celestial, the peacock themed throne can only be compared to itself. It was said to be the centrepiece of a court that sought to recreate the grandiose of paradise on Earth, had steps leading up, on which when the emperor sat, the illusion created was that of a just ruler floating close to the heavens!

Naturally, the peacock is singled out for depiction on a variety of implements till date, fountain pens included, with major manufacturers routinely celebrating the sheer exotic beauty of the peacock on their creations. Naturally, when I heard that one of my favourite Pen turners, BENU of Russia is creating its own Peacock pen as part of the Talisman collection, I was excited. Boy, was I surprised when I saw it?


The pen is a riot of colours before the eyes and coming as it has, when the Covid devastated world is cloaked in the drab and depressive devastation, it is like hope at the bottom of Pandora’s Box! I will not get myself into describing what a sheer pleasure it is to write with the pen – all BENU pens are equally good – being of the right weight, are always superbly balanced which also incorporates the best possible nib and feed combinations. The materials that go into the making of each BENU product are handpicked and the craftsmanship that BENU pens exhibit are of a different, higher level altogether. Suffice to say, a BENU pen is always a testimonial of achieving the exacting standards that the founders Kate Dmitrieva and Alex Semanin have set for themselves and are painstakingly brought to life by a team of equally motivated artists at BENU.

I will therefore focus on a different aspect of the Peacock pen – the narrative that has been woven around to an extent that it becomes an extension of the look and feel of the pen itself, making it stuff folklores are made of. All BENU pens, I see with increasing fascination, are built around a theme – one that immediately transforms and elevated the pen from being a mere writing implement, an accessory, to one that that tells a tale. And the way the yarn is woven, using the pen itself as the canvas, is what makes Benu a perennial favourite of mine.


Peacock Ore (Bornite) is one of nature’s most colourful minerals. The stone displays a spectacular iridescent tarnish effect with the colours similar to the peacock it is named after by ancient miners. The specific colours vary with each mineral specimen – there are blues, greens, and combinations of both, creating a visual delight. Those who believe in the healing powers of this mineral call it the “stone of happiness”. Believed to head one in positive directions and help channel happiness onto others, crystal enthusiasts claim this to be a truly uplifting stone. Thanks to its rainbow-coloured tarnish, Peacock Ore is also said to inspire creativity and artistic vision.

As a copper and iron mineral, many crystal fans attribute the power of Peacock Ore to the metaphysical proprieties of both metals. In mythology and alchemy, copper was associated with Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and passion. Iron, on the other hand, was a metal of Mars, the God of War, associated with strength and power.

The union of Venus and Mars held greater appeal for philosophers, mystics and alchemists that often used both metals in rituals. Alchemists believed that the metals held the same virtue as the corresponding deity; that a single spirit infused planets and metals with the same energy the deity represented. Thus, those who use stones and minerals in their spiritual practices believe Peacock Ore reconciles and amalgamates the opposing male and female energies, war and love, beauty and brutality, and discipline and pleasure. This amalgamation makes Peacock Ore the mineral of balance and satisfaction.


Tantra adepts and Kundalini Yoga practitioners similarly believe that Peacock Ore is the strongest stone among the minerals with balancing properties known to align one’s Chakras (energy points in the body). It is said that the stone will first cleanse and balance each chakra individually, and then aligns the entire physical body with that of one’s energy body. The practitioners recommend keeping Peacock Ore above one’s third eye (the space between the eyebrows) during mediation, to help awaken inner vision. Many meditators claim that Peacock Ore can help to not only rediscover long-forgotten memories and knowledge, but also to acquaint oneself with worldly, universal knowledge or consciousness.

From this hypnotizing realm of folklore, BENU has created the Peacock ore pen – a pen so fascinating that it mesmerises, not only by replicating the peacock’s hues in its full, regal splendour but by actually infusing Peacock Ore into the material used in its creation!

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Note: Each pen from the Talisman collection is nontoxic and completely safe for both adults and children.


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